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Slowly coming out of the writing closet

The following post appeared when I tried blogging back in 2010

Onwards and upwards then…

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Closet writer seeks a voice ! !

I like to write . I like words

I want to write… like I am now I suppose but I cant find the style or genre that I think will really fire me up.

Writing on this blog is one method I am trying out to stretch me a little and see if I can find any thread of inspiration.

I think my story is interesting but surely everyone does. Is mine more interesting , the same or just ordinary? This is what I hope to discover.

Writing posts on a blog really does feel like sneaking furtively into the closet and writing and not telling anyone you are doing it and hoping just one person might read it and have something to say about it.

…and in the mean time I am flexing muscles long un-exercised in the mulch of normal daily life and procrastination about not writing just yet “cos I’m just too busy .”

Actually I am not too busy and I am searching for fulfilling ways to spend more of my time.

I want this to be it. I want writing to be it. I really do.

I really really do.



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Eight years had passed for Evelyn

my 75 words of the day on the wonderful paragraphplanet website for ‘super’ flash fiction.



Headline reads – ‘A pair of red shoes are the only clue.’

A tiny moon in waiting eases it’s way in front of yesterday’s sun. Her red shoes poke the tufts of grass on Beeny Cliff. As waves clap and unfurl in the distance, she throws her arms left and right and her chin upwards to ‘The Gods,’ eyes pinned wide: palms catching pearls of rain. A crack of thunder carves a Z through her body.

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Red shoes

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New blogger (well I did try it a few years back)

but this time I am attempting to stick with it as I am also a new Twitterer and I have an iPad which keeps me active with words and news of words and anything to do with words ( and a touch of the arts) at home and on the move.

Love Love love my iPad


I love the fizz of words pulling threads from my brain: then moulding them on the page. The ordinariness of life, common language and words sparking off each other, inspires me.

Less if more, so poetry and flash fiction suit me best.

Listed author on Paragraph Planet.

Appeared in What The Dickens magazine twice so far

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