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Blueberry fix to keep the afternoon munchies at bay . . .

– before –

In need of a dose of fruit and a mid afternoon snack, I went for a quick homemade smoothie : in this case simply

… blueberries

… milk

… a little organic raw coconut oil to flavour 

Blueberries are the most beautiful colour when blended fresh like this so the pleasure is not only for the taste buds but also for the eyes ( a feast in every way 🙂 )

they are full of fibre                                                   tick

antioxidants                                                                  tick

boost the immune system                                      tick

low in sugar (compared to most fruits)            tick

alkaline PH                                                                  tick

we all know that all this colourful food is the best food for us and this little purple berry really ticks the boxes

– after –


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Beachy Head in all it’s summer glory


I visited Beachy Head this summer twice, having never visited before.
It is quite stunning. Situated on the high cliffs overlooking the English Channel, where the Sussex south downs border the very end of England… Some where between Eastbourne and Brighton.

On both visits it has been ‘blowy’ (and that’s an understatement) and captivating.
I am intrigued that this beautiful spot is the very same spot that is the most famous in England for people to use as a platform for a final goodbye as they throw themselves over the wildflowers and into the grey cold waves and delicately pocked cliffs below.

I hoped on the first trip to be inspired to write something, given the dramatic nature of its reputation, but as yet I haven’t.

As I write just a little here now it occurs to me that it is not the famous and well known or the beautiful or the dramatic that necessarily inspires and is so often the ordinary, the everyday, the less obviously captivating…

But it seems what my trips have given me instead is this realisation. You don’t need to travel to be inspired. All the sparks are within us waiting to be ignited.


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Grapefruit is great as part of an alkaline diet


Nutrition Information And Facts

The health benefits of grapefruit are
too many to be overlooked.
Its albedo contains many anti-cancer
agents that help fight a host of diseases.

Acidity:  Although grapefruit has a sub-acid taste, its juice actually has an alkaline reaction after digestion.  This has a profound effect in the treatment of acidity in the digestive system that causes a host of other health problems.Image

It is important to remember when you are enjoying the benefits of an alkaline diet that it is not the nature of the fruit, but the effect the fruit has on your body…in this case…alkalising = good as it is with lemons too….yes lemons. It is what is going on in the inside of your body that matters. when I was a little girl my dad used to have grapefruits cut in half and carefully segmented with a funny serrated knife by my Mum. They would then be liberally sprinkled with sugar which crystallised if left sitting around to be eaten…delicious then as I indeed I considered them to be until recently when I discovered that sugar is BAD (yes we know its bad!) but very acid forming I now discover. And so it is that I am retraining my taste buds after 50 years of being a sugar hound.

DONT add sugar to your grapefruit juice…simple squeezed and consumed immediately to maximise VIt C efficacy …delicious.

DO drink on its own between meals…great mid morning as a pick me up


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What the Dickens? Magazine

What the Dickens? Magazine.


My poem  The girl with flowers in her hair is on page 42 of the Sunflower edition

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Today was a good day. I like good days.

Just try it . . . it really works

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Flash Fiction

Rosa stood with her back to the wall: her shoeless feet bleeding. The last thing she remembered was a deep crimson halo with millions of tiny silver stars sparking off it. That was last night when she checked the clock at 2. Looking down, she ran both hands over the mound of her 9 month belly and saw the liquid between her toes. She wretched as her words lit up the air: ‘somebody please help.’

(Previously published as the 75 words of the day on the wonderful

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My high alkaline lunch

I am a recent convert to the alkaline diet lifestyle…learning as I go following a one week intensive detox regime at the Meyr Clinic in Austria in July.

lettuce tomato cucumber crushed almonds onion millet beetroot courgette carrots Himalayan salt pepper and organic cold pressed linseed and olive oil

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