Memories made of rain

I sit on a patch of grass in Hyde Park: plunged in a pool of memories. They are new borne. They are big like the sky above my head.

I jump from my afternoon bath in search of pad and pen, dripping bits of it across a new tiled floor – to the softness of wool in my room.

It’s too cold for August: gusts catch nervous brollies pointed at dingy clouds, now in retreat.

My hair’s wet and my arms are cold.

Back in the bubbles: a stream of urgent pictures captioned in my head.

The rain shower’s petered out and I stare at the oak tree. Leaves blow and rustle and seem to tempt thoughts from me.

I dry my skin, then lather on body butter. Plumped in goose down, I scurry back to the damp grass that’s slowly soaking into my clothes. I shiver. The traffic noise hums from Bayswater Road. A suited man walks past with an oversized poster tube lodged under one arm. A pouting woman walks her small dog dressed in designer fuchsia. Already leaves are falling. Hairs on my bare forearms are standing on end.

Pick up my tea and read over my words.

Another person jogs, another on a mobile, another stops nearby to take a picture. I gather some dried leaves and a twig and stuff them into my pocket. Too cold to sit any longer I stroll into the Serpentine Gallery, awash with flowers: memories trailing behind me.




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17 responses to “Memories made of rain

  1. Reblogged this on wisejourney and commented:

    Some words I shared a year ago, which today i hope will cool us all down on another humid day.

  2. Lovely. I need some memories of hot weather to warm me up on a rainy, overcast day…we’ve had too many of these on what is typically the hottest part of our summer!

  3. I’m very glad you reblogged this, brought it out of hiding, this is gorgeous, wonderful writing!!!♥ If this was the start of a novel I’d be heading to the cash desk to buy it by now! 😀

  4. Wonderful, gorgeous work! I so agree with suzy above!

  5. wow. this made me teary for some weird reason. Maybe i miss London still.

  6. You know, it’s suddenly important to me that you’ve come to visit me repeatedly without much encouragement or return on your investment. I don’t know your name. Just wanted you to know that.

  7. mj

    Words with a drooping heart. Hyding in the rain can’t be much fun – I don;t really like the London drip-drip-all-day rain. It makes me damp, sad and totally grey. You are brave to deal with it all the time. 🙂

  8. Hello Andrea! 🙂

    That was lovely. Hope you had a great weekend. Hugs Paula xxx

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