Grapefruit is great as part of an alkaline diet


Nutrition Information And Facts

The health benefits of grapefruit are
too many to be overlooked.
Its albedo contains many anti-cancer
agents that help fight a host of diseases.

Acidity:  Although grapefruit has a sub-acid taste, its juice actually has an alkaline reaction after digestion.  This has a profound effect in the treatment of acidity in the digestive system that causes a host of other health problems.Image

It is important to remember when you are enjoying the benefits of an alkaline diet that it is not the nature of the fruit, but the effect the fruit has on your body…in this case…alkalising = good as it is with lemons too….yes lemons. It is what is going on in the inside of your body that matters. when I was a little girl my dad used to have grapefruits cut in half and carefully segmented with a funny serrated knife by my Mum. They would then be liberally sprinkled with sugar which crystallised if left sitting around to be eaten…delicious then as I indeed I considered them to be until recently when I discovered that sugar is BAD (yes we know its bad!) but very acid forming I now discover. And so it is that I am retraining my taste buds after 50 years of being a sugar hound.

DONT add sugar to your grapefruit juice…simple squeezed and consumed immediately to maximise VIt C efficacy …delicious.

DO drink on its own between meals…great mid morning as a pick me up



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10 responses to “Grapefruit is great as part of an alkaline diet

  1. Oh I so totally love grapefruit & it always helped me lose weight too, but I can’t have it now cuz it interacts with my cancer medication. Boy, do I miss it. Please, have some for me! : )

  2. Bev

    I still have half a fresh grapefruit nearly every morning, mainly because it reminds me of my dad rather than it being good for me but that is comforting to know too – feeds the tummy and the emotions…

  3. It certainly does !
    Just had some Victoria plums and they remind me of Mum’s plum tree dripping with the fruit every summer and selling them outside the cottage. . .The power of association ..woah

  4. Great post I forgot about the beautiful round golden grapefruit. I stopped sugar about 3 months ago and am amazed at all the central isle foods with added sugar.

  5. Great contribution to MOM!

  6. Fresh grapefruit juice is my favorite~

  7. One of my favorite things:)

  8. Thanks Andrea, I’ve been looking into alkaline diet again… many years I stuck to a Hunza diet and it helped the GI tract no end. This follows a similar principle. Thanks again x

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