Blueberry fix to keep the afternoon munchies at bay . . .

– before –

In need of a dose of fruit and a mid afternoon snack, I went for a quick homemade smoothie : in this case simply

… blueberries

… milk

… a little organic raw coconut oil to flavour 

Blueberries are the most beautiful colour when blended fresh like this so the pleasure is not only for the taste buds but also for the eyes ( a feast in every way 🙂 )

they are full of fibre                                                   tick

antioxidants                                                                  tick

boost the immune system                                      tick

low in sugar (compared to most fruits)            tick

alkaline PH                                                                  tick

we all know that all this colourful food is the best food for us and this little purple berry really ticks the boxes

– after –


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