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First kiss

First kiss

I watch them through the glare of an April sunburst.
crouching down, she watches sardines
sparkle as men and boys reel them in,

him looking at her hair, pulled high in a pink band
above her neck. He places a forefinger
on her shoulder, pushing gently and waiting,
till she collapses sideways.

Pulling herself back up: a little slip
and a smile forms on the margins of her eyes:
green flecked with yellows and orange.
He digs and scoops a seat in the pebbles by his side.

Turning with her face towards me,
the girl shuffles the small of her back
Into his small belly, exposing a deep
blue crystal piercing just above her navel.

A pool of pilchards squirm at the anglers feet.
He rolls her over, shingle shifting and
sliding over her legs as the boy
plants a single kiss on her lips from above.


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Coffee time inspiration

I am sitting in a coffee shop near my home on a day most of you may think of as being typically British: you know the one where it rains and rains and rains and it doesn’t stop raining.
” Good weather for ducks” is what my Mum used to call it.
The deluge stopped a little while ago, and in need of milk from my local shop I decided to head to the local coffee shop en route (iPad in tow) and see if any writing inspiration came to me.
Not searching for any particular inspiration (the best way I feel ; just take what comes) , I ordered my extra hot skinny decaf latte and within seconds wrote a short piece which I have submitted to a site that prints vv short stories every day of exactly 75 words.
75 words are enough to get the creative juice flowing daily and I am owe a debt of gratitude to this particular website as it is where I first became a published author on line. (if you are interested and I am now a listed author as a regular contributor)
I can sit at home in utter silence for long periods seeking something and no words come and yet in this crowded space, ‘a hum’ with sounds, ‘I am feeling it’!
My coffee arrived as requested, complete with a rather elegant feather etched in the froth and I am happily tapping away.
I like to find tiny gems of wisdom from my oh so small discoveries in the ‘every day’ and I suppose this one is that if you are in a space where your creativity does not flow, then take a walk and try something or somewhere else.
This can be applied to how you are feeling too, so if you feel like your home is a box that you need to leave to clear your head; then do just that.
I now get those writers who say they write their best stuff in coffee shops. Perhaps it is the need to filter out background interference that places us in a metaphorical bubble in which the creatives juices can flow a bit. Or maybe it is simply that being a part of the minutiae of everyday activities in your local cafe is quite relaxing.
It is. I think I will be doing this more often.
Now I am going to have a bash at penning a few poetic lines.


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A ‘change’ for the weekend

Change is the one thing we can be sure of: sometimes

chosen, other-times thrust upon us. Change bulldozed me at

14 when my Dad died. After kicking and screaming my way

through the pain, I chose to get married at 22 and at 23 my

son was born and this change remains etched joyously on my


Seismic change came in my 30’s when my Mum’s

terminal cancer collided with a betrayal of the life

2 people had chosen. In time I accepted my pain and grew stronger,

hunkering down, raising my kids and never losing faith in my belief

in ‘the power of possibilities.’ 

At 45 it was time to carve change for a future I still

believed I deserved and I moved to live on another continent,

closer to my roots.

I have sought and found a life I cherish every day.

The pace is slower: more considered and in balance with

what I need today which is quite different on some levels

to what I needed when I was younger.

Change is inevitable and as our world evolves – we change with it.

Have a great weekend.

. . . as summer turns to autumn . . .


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Conversations ‘with self’

I have lots of these. They are the conversations I have when there are things on my mind that need some unravelling.
The thing is,it can be ‘all consuming’ which is why several months ago I decided it was time to have less of them. It worked well for several months, but so inquisitive is my brain it seems about ‘me’, that in recent days I find conversations ‘with self’ tempting me back!
I am not at all sure that I want to play this game. It can be exhausting so I do my best to shoo thoughts of me away. It works sometimes as I have strategies ( as discussed on another post) of clearing my head of unwanted thoughts.
It seems that blogging has now become a devise I can use to help me too, because as I write: as I shift thoughts from my head to the page – they de- intensify inside me. This is a good thing.


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Lemoniciously . . .deliciously alkaline

Yes lemons really do have the most amazing alkalising effect on our bodies and when last week someone asked me how this is possible when they are so acidic in nature, I thought I should do a little more research so I could explain better what I knew to be true.

Simply put: it is the effect that a food has on your body and not the nature of the food in its natural state which is relevant.

As lemons have a low sugar content and high alkaline mineral content (not to mention a great source of vitamin C), they have an alkalising effect on the body and the simplest way to get a “fix” is to drink lemon water. Nothing could be simpler. Squeeze half a lemon into your glass of water and hey presto! one of the most alkalising things you can drink.

Another way I have shifted my eating and drinking habits is to have a cup of hot water, lemon and honey before my breakfast. At my summer detox spa I was introduced to the idea of the best start to the day for my digestive system. Although Doctor ‘Whatsaname’ was rather odd, her final words to me just rang true in their utter simplicity.

She advised me to start my day as soon as I woke with a cup of water.. good old plain water. I always have a glass at my bedside but now rather than a sip, I drink a whole glass. I then head downstairs, pop on the kettle, slice some lemon into a large mug, add a teaspoon of raw organic honey and have the most delicious healthy start to my day.

I also learned that it is not just what you eat but how you eat that has an effect on your digestive system’s ability to function well and so I now leave 15 minutes after a drink of any kind before I eat and 30 minutes after a meal to drink again.

More on tips to a healthy tummy in a later post but for now why not try a glass of lemonicious water.

lemoncioulsy deliciously alkalising

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Personal choices are empowering

The empowering nature of personal choices is something I find fascinating: our own ability to turn a choice into an action: just as I am now in writing instead of simply drifting with my thoughts.

I choose to grow – I choose to share – I choose to give – I choose also to accept my past and I choose to believe in a future in which I deserve to be happy.

Three months ago I set myself a personal goal that I would come back to and assess after 3 months. That time is now. I did this after a period of hit and miss turbulence during the preceding 2 month –  the kind that arises out of having expectations that are not met and so you feel confused and insecure and all that ‘not so good’ stuff.

Compared to occasions in the past when emotional turbulence has knocked me sideway, this was a blip and one I was determined to overcome by following one simple mantra of my own: which was quite simply to put all of my energy in BEing . . . putting ME and my happiness first and relying on ME to navigate into my future.

I did this in a tried and tested way (as my own personal life coach I suppose) I talked and talked and talked to myself and I wrote and wrote and wrote to myself and I listened to ME in my head and I visualised the words in front of me.

Eventually I arrived at a place where a whirlwind of thoughts could be distilled down to this;

Acknowledge that you don’t have or indeed you don’t need to have all of the answers.

Choose not to obsess about that.

Accept uncertainty and get on with what is right in front of you.

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Early morning musings from Italy – recharging your batteries

I am sitting up in my single bed in my Italian B & B in the Italian mountains, having woken from a troublesome dream sleep around 5 am.  You know the kind of sleep: the one that is heavy with images and people you don’t want to invade your private space and especially your thinking space but when you are asleep… They do.

When this happens I invariably wake up and struggle to get back to sleep and when I judge I have wriggled back and forth under the covers for long enough I take a peek at the time and hope that it is late enough to get up (even if it is too early for my body clock that thrives on a solid nights sleep)

I know this because when I wake in the middle of the night I can have maudlin thoughts which I have discovered after many years of intermittent insomnia  are more to do with lack of sleep than the state on my mind or my life. This is reassuring, so to all fellow sufferers out there: take heart from this sure knowledge.

I  have also learnt that resisting insomnia is not a good idea either. If your body wakes inconveniently in the middle of the night, then accept that it wants to and use this time to think, be peaceful and simply be with your self: and when your body gets heavy again and is asking you to sleep some more: listen to what it is saying. Always listen to what your body is saying. It has a lot to say and a great deal to teach you.

Today it is the last day of my short trip to Italy with loved ones. Four nights and five days is it seems is a perfect time to recharge in what ever way your need.

Until today I was in an isolated spot deep in the mountains of Emilia Romagna with few opportunities to tap into the world of wifi and no desire to do so.  I am only doing so today as I shift from holiday mode to going back to normal life mode and I firmly believe that a few days (or more) without technology to fizz the airways and distract from genuinely winding down, is a very good thing (more on that subject later perhaps)

I have some beautiful photos to share but attempts to upload on my iPad have failed as I freely admit to being ok at the techno stuff and can quite enjoy its ability to allow us all to connect, but there are definetly more important things in life.

Beautiful pictures to follow when I am reconnected with my desktop or work out how to upload pictures to WordPress from an iPad!

Fresh moutain plums

and here’s the tree…yum!

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