Cleansing thoughts

Thinking very little is something I do with great pleasure and when that state comes upon me of its own accord, I am happy. It is a new state of being that I have arrived at after diligent steps towards it over the last 15 years. It is only in the last 2 months that I believe I have mastered this useful life skill: one that can only be arrived at by genuinely leaving behind the patterns of thinking and acting that in the past have hindered me.
The first time that I became viscerally aware of this state was a few weeks ago sitting in a rare spell of warm sunshine in a friends garden, overlooking her idyllic valley with views like a picture postcard. I lounged, I looked at the trees, the meadow of wildflowers, listened to the birds, focused on the river in the distance, eyed the turquoise sky and turned to my friend and said, ‘my mind’s completely empty. That’s a good thing.’
It was new, but inside I knew that it was something I had been working towards for some time.
I didn’t jump for joy or celebrate. This was just a great place to know I had arrived at or could work to be at when I needed it most. On this occasion my mind had naturally drained itself of every thought beyond the physical space I was in, but there are times when I know it will be useful to empty my mind. This is when I practice slowing down every thought and every movement, then I pack up my thoughts in a pretty wicker basket, tie a balloon on a ribbon to my basket of thoughts and let them fly away.


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  1. I’m still trying to get there myself…. I have moments of “bliss” until responsibility nudges in there and I have to put “Bliss” away until I’m able to do it again. Beautifully post…

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