Quarter life crisis

One evening a while back my son appeared at the house with a friend I had not met before. He then promptly disappeared upstairs and left his 25 year old friend with me. Said friend then politely enquired:

“I hear you’re a life coach….what exactly does that mean?”

I responded with a few well honed lines about people who need someone to talk to about things going on in their life and being unsure about what to do, where to go next etc etc… to which he replied,

“Oh that’s good to know for when I need it, maybe even now as I’m at that quarter life crisis stage!”

This it seems is a topic of conversation for young people, a few years out of uni and into their career or at least on the first stage of their adult pathway.

What struck me about our short conversation is that we all think about our own life, what it means to us, what we want from it, where we want it to go and all the associated questions that raises. We do this it seems ever earlier and the conflict that unanswered questions can cause is a reason one might call upon the services of a life coach. A life coach is not only for anyone dealing with “big stuff” but for anyone who needs some help deciphering just  “stuff.”

I suppose we do gather more” stuff” as we grow, inevitably as we come into contact with more people, more life situations, more challenges and more possible conflicts.

Life can get more complex and we may reach places where we “can’t see the woods for the proverbial trees.” For some this may all feel like too much, even overwhelming. This is life coach comes in. I / they are an impartial listener and companion (key word being impartial which is why a good friend can only take you so far in finding answers to all of your life questions). The job of a life coach is to help others see their way through the undergrowth and so see everything beyond it more clearly.

The reason this is a necessary first step is that until you identify what it is that is bothering you, you wont be in a position to change things for the better.


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