Indian summer – fresh starts

The first week in September has been quite beautiful in the city: cooler mornings and evenings but distinctly warm days. When the weather is like this I always think of my Mum who introduced me to the term ‘Indian summer’ when I was a girl. I never knew what It meant but all that mattered was that it would be warmer than expected and make those first days back at school for the start of the school year balmy: and that allowed me to gently settle into the new year and prepare for the chill of autumn and shortening days to come.

I call it new year because for me September if the start of my year and I rather like it that way. I am no longer at school, all my kids are no longer in school and yet this month still resonates as a new beginning: a fresh start. It is a winding down of all things summer with the delights of autumn crispness and autumn colours to look forward to.

Thinking about fresh starts is useful as I mentally plot what and where I would like the months leading up to Christmas to take me. As I am a sufferer of S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) this is important because as we move towards November and days end before 4 in the afternoon and sometimes barely even seem to get light, the lack of daylight can severely challenge my moods. Sucking in as much light as possible is important to me and I can be found bathing in the light that floods my bedroom in the morning as often as I can.

Back to Indian summer days
and a quick look on line tells me that the meaning is of days which are above average temperatures, are sunny and hazy and are often preceeded by a morning frost or chill (sounds about right)

I include a picture taken this morning of a perfect Indian summer view across my street and this afternoon I am heading to Italy for a few days to beautifully round off my summer. How lucky I am.

How lucky we are



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