Personal choices are empowering

The empowering nature of personal choices is something I find fascinating: our own ability to turn a choice into an action: just as I am now in writing instead of simply drifting with my thoughts.

I choose to grow – I choose to share – I choose to give – I choose also to accept my past and I choose to believe in a future in which I deserve to be happy.

Three months ago I set myself a personal goal that I would come back to and assess after 3 months. That time is now. I did this after a period of hit and miss turbulence during the preceding 2 month –  the kind that arises out of having expectations that are not met and so you feel confused and insecure and all that ‘not so good’ stuff.

Compared to occasions in the past when emotional turbulence has knocked me sideway, this was a blip and one I was determined to overcome by following one simple mantra of my own: which was quite simply to put all of my energy in BEing . . . putting ME and my happiness first and relying on ME to navigate into my future.

I did this in a tried and tested way (as my own personal life coach I suppose) I talked and talked and talked to myself and I wrote and wrote and wrote to myself and I listened to ME in my head and I visualised the words in front of me.

Eventually I arrived at a place where a whirlwind of thoughts could be distilled down to this;

Acknowledge that you don’t have or indeed you don’t need to have all of the answers.

Choose not to obsess about that.

Accept uncertainty and get on with what is right in front of you.


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