Lemoniciously . . .deliciously alkaline

Yes lemons really do have the most amazing alkalising effect on our bodies and when last week someone asked me how this is possible when they are so acidic in nature, I thought I should do a little more research so I could explain better what I knew to be true.

Simply put: it is the effect that a food has on your body and not the nature of the food in its natural state which is relevant.

As lemons have a low sugar content and high alkaline mineral content (not to mention a great source of vitamin C), they have an alkalising effect on the body and the simplest way to get a “fix” is to drink lemon water. Nothing could be simpler. Squeeze half a lemon into your glass of water and hey presto! one of the most alkalising things you can drink.

Another way I have shifted my eating and drinking habits is to have a cup of hot water, lemon and honey before my breakfast. At my summer detox spa I was introduced to the idea of the best start to the day for my digestive system. Although Doctor ‘Whatsaname’ was rather odd, her final words to me just rang true in their utter simplicity.

She advised me to start my day as soon as I woke with a cup of water.. good old plain water. I always have a glass at my bedside but now rather than a sip, I drink a whole glass. I then head downstairs, pop on the kettle, slice some lemon into a large mug, add a teaspoon of raw organic honey and have the most delicious healthy start to my day.

I also learned that it is not just what you eat but how you eat that has an effect on your digestive system’s ability to function well and so I now leave 15 minutes after a drink of any kind before I eat and 30 minutes after a meal to drink again.

More on tips to a healthy tummy in a later post but for now why not try a glass of lemonicious water.

lemoncioulsy deliciously alkalising


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