Conversations ‘with self’

I have lots of these. They are the conversations I have when there are things on my mind that need some unravelling.
The thing is,it can be ‘all consuming’ which is why several months ago I decided it was time to have less of them. It worked well for several months, but so inquisitive is my brain it seems about ‘me’, that in recent days I find conversations ‘with self’ tempting me back!
I am not at all sure that I want to play this game. It can be exhausting so I do my best to shoo thoughts of me away. It works sometimes as I have strategies ( as discussed on another post) of clearing my head of unwanted thoughts.
It seems that blogging has now become a devise I can use to help me too, because as I write: as I shift thoughts from my head to the page – they de- intensify inside me. This is a good thing.



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