Coffee time inspiration

I am sitting in a coffee shop near my home on a day most of you may think of as being typically British: you know the one where it rains and rains and rains and it doesn’t stop raining.
” Good weather for ducks” is what my Mum used to call it.
The deluge stopped a little while ago, and in need of milk from my local shop I decided to head to the local coffee shop en route (iPad in tow) and see if any writing inspiration came to me.
Not searching for any particular inspiration (the best way I feel ; just take what comes) , I ordered my extra hot skinny decaf latte and within seconds wrote a short piece which I have submitted to a site that prints vv short stories every day of exactly 75 words.
75 words are enough to get the creative juice flowing daily and I am owe a debt of gratitude to this particular website as it is where I first became a published author on line. (if you are interested and I am now a listed author as a regular contributor)
I can sit at home in utter silence for long periods seeking something and no words come and yet in this crowded space, ‘a hum’ with sounds, ‘I am feeling it’!
My coffee arrived as requested, complete with a rather elegant feather etched in the froth and I am happily tapping away.
I like to find tiny gems of wisdom from my oh so small discoveries in the ‘every day’ and I suppose this one is that if you are in a space where your creativity does not flow, then take a walk and try something or somewhere else.
This can be applied to how you are feeling too, so if you feel like your home is a box that you need to leave to clear your head; then do just that.
I now get those writers who say they write their best stuff in coffee shops. Perhaps it is the need to filter out background interference that places us in a metaphorical bubble in which the creatives juices can flow a bit. Or maybe it is simply that being a part of the minutiae of everyday activities in your local cafe is quite relaxing.
It is. I think I will be doing this more often.
Now I am going to have a bash at penning a few poetic lines.



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