First kiss

First kiss

I watch them through the glare of an April sunburst.
crouching down, she watches sardines
sparkle as men and boys reel them in,

him looking at her hair, pulled high in a pink band
above her neck. He places a forefinger
on her shoulder, pushing gently and waiting,
till she collapses sideways.

Pulling herself back up: a little slip
and a smile forms on the margins of her eyes:
green flecked with yellows and orange.
He digs and scoops a seat in the pebbles by his side.

Turning with her face towards me,
the girl shuffles the small of her back
Into his small belly, exposing a deep
blue crystal piercing just above her navel.

A pool of pilchards squirm at the anglers feet.
He rolls her over, shingle shifting and
sliding over her legs as the boy
plants a single kiss on her lips from above.


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One response to “First kiss

  1. nice, I can see it happening,

    well described 🙂

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