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We know what works . . . it’s simple really

Daily Prompt: Take It From Me.

from   KnowledgeKnut

I am sitting at my computer with my ankle strapped up as I managed to twist it when I was out Christmas shopping a few days ago. The upside is that I am indoors with the heating on full blast on the first day of winter with a morning frost and better still . . . I am making new discoveries with every click I make. I have searched for and stumbled across some terrific blogs and every one of them speaks to me in some way. They touch a part of me, whether it is my love of writing and words, art, the natural world, healthy living or my ever increasing belief in the power of mindfulness.

I like short and succinct  as I have a tendency towards that myself and this blog entry that I have ‘pressed’ on my blog was perfect for me today. I am a prime candidate for giving good advice but I am less convinced when it is offered to me. That is (as stated in the daily prompt) absolutely because I feel I am less deserving of guidance from others. After all, aren’t  I supposed to have worked ‘it all’ out already. Clearly I have not.

I dont ever want to stop learning and growing and as I move through another challenging phase in my life, I am reminded today by a message from a friend that,

“We know what works, what we want, what we need. It’s simple really. We must not waste our knowledge or our truths.”



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Quick fire answer only

I was published on line once more today at the wonderful

My 75 words of the day –


“What do you like about him.” “Oh that’s easy” Polly bubbles.

“Everything, But that twinkle in his eye most of all.”

“What do you like about you.” Polly shuffles in her chair,

twisting a strand of hair around her finger and throwing the

question back at her oldest and dearest friend. Double silence.

“Triple chocolate fudge cake with chocolate sauce!”

They share a half smile as they dare to fathom their own best qualities.


Ask yourself right now what one (and I say one because there are lots) of your best qualities is…no fathoming!… just a quick fire answer.


Excellent… repeat that word to yourself  on and off throughout today. Write it down on a piece of paper and pop it in your bag or wallet. Make a reminder note of it in your phone. Write it on a post-it and stick it on the corner of your computer screen.


best quality

I think I will come back to this theme again soon.


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Precious hope

Precious hope



Two words that go hand in hand. They belong together. How could they not. Hope is such a huge cornerstone word in my life that I turn to on good days and less good days. I realise now that this is why it is so valuable to me and only the most valuable people and things and words in our life can be called precious. It is not a word I use freely and only ‘attach it’ when it is deserving and has earned a place inside me.

Hope is a precious thing –  something to be treasured and treated with respect and kindness and love.

Precious –  hope, promise, appreciation.

The beauty of precious hope


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Last week . . . a walk back in time

Last week I walked around a part of London I have never visited before. Two friends went on an adventure from their bit of town to another bit of town and enjoyed a feast for the senses: captured on film by yours truly. It was a beautiful autumnal day that started at Liverpool Station EC2. Just looking up at the sky made me feel good and happy to be right there soaking in that Victorian edifice.

Liverpool st station


And as I turned to find my way onto the streets I was ushered on my way by a group of children evacuees from WW2!

In bronze

And this before I had even opened my Hidden Walks of London book.

Turns out this walk is not so hidden as we left the station trailing a group of sightseers heading in roughly the same direction as us.

We started on Folgate street peering into windows of Dennis Sever’s house. Like most houses in and around Spitalfields it is early georgian and at that time around 1700 was likely inhabited by French Hugenot refugees who had fled religious persecution back home. They settled in London and the area first thrived as the centre of silk weaving, a skilled craft that the Hugenots brought with them from home.

Mr Severs was an eccentric American who bought the house in the 1970’s and lovingly restored it, long before this part of the east end of London became a trendy alternative/ arty place for such folk to live and display their wares in the 21st century. They do candle light tours and I am going to book myself on one of those soon. peeking into those bottom red shuttered windows just wasn’t enough!


In and around Spitalfields.


In sharp contrast to the warmth of 300 year old streets, all newly spruced by new money, was the modernity of the water feature near Spitalfields market.


Glittering and strewn with autumn colours: it had its own beauty.

Perhaps I will continue my walk with you in a later post but for now . . . morning coffee time !


Have a great day if you are passing by and a great weekend too.


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A ‘letting go’

She looked around her and wondered if others could see that she was not the same as yesterday. Today something and nothing had changed: did it colour her differently to stranger’s eyes. Did she suddenly look single. Maybe she had been single for months but only today was it real. She had been the one to make it real. It was a quiet place: a place of sinking back into herself. Last week and last month two lovers had been in a place together. They were meant to cross paths and learn and grow. From this moment there was no more growing to be done. Without words there is nothing. Had he lost interest in love’s lessons. She had leant into the wind as he had leant away. Intimate moments had dissolved into silence. Succor from one to the other ended.

This week she will buy tulip bulbs. Tomorrow she will plant them and keep them safe and frost free in the green house. They will gather their energy through the winter months so that in spring they can bloom: red, yellow, purple, white and orange.

There are always new windows to be peered into and doors waiting to be opened.

They are not so hard to spot, but easier found when you remember to gently close the one you just came through.


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Another super simple soup recipe

You’ll need ….

2 large courgettes chopped or sliced

handful of small potato cubes (with skin) to thicken

chopped onion

chopped celery

miso brown rice stock

cumin, cardamon, coriander to taste

tumeric to colour

sprinkle of chilli flakes if you want a little heat!

Add veg to a pan with a little rapeseed (canola) oil. Fry for a few minutes to release the flavours. add the spices and stock.

Bring to the boil then simmer until veg are softened

Spicy courgette soup

Blend if you prefer and viola….

Another simple alkaline soup option


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Something so simple can evoke such memories and meaning

Small pot.

A crazy glaze
of velvet green laced through with charcoal grey,
held tight in cupped hands.
She bulges at the top like a miniature Grecian urn,
then sweeps to her elegant base:
planted on the corner of my mantel.

In the lamplight
small dimples and imperfections glow.
The rim rough and squeaky: a thumbnail wide.
A line around her base fits a ring finger

I tip her upside down and stare at her bulk:
palms firmly pressing,
fingers splayed around her girth.
I rub the tips of every finger over ripples of hard clay : a tiny ridge
on her shoulder.

Mottled flesh
radiates beauty. Spidery veins webbed and tightly packed.
Her shadows,
her crows feet, her molten skin next to my cheek:
always warm.

I wrote this poem one night when my mind was too full to rest easy. . . It is pre dawn once again and I find myself on my sofa drinking calming herbal tea, looking at my beautiful pot – so simple and yet so perfect to me. She is a pot ..yes but also a memory and I like my eyes to rest a while with her every day.


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