Shaping our own unique thoughts

They come to me with ease sometimes. Other times they don’t. Either way I like the idea of moulding thoughts into words and sentences until something of value is hatched.

As words are strung together making lines and paragraphs and pages: it’s exciting and liberating and rewarding. Liberating and rewarding are big words but I feel they perfectly describe the feeling that the right mix of words can create – one day a poem: the next a post for me and my blog.

Today I walked out of the house. I was aware of the air temperature and pleased that I had worn the correct amount of layers. I was aware of the wind and somewhat less aware of all the familiar buildings and traffic noise in my city suburb. Even this level of awareness of our everyday space can be called ‘living in that very moment’ and the simple satisfactions of the ’day-to-day’ this provides us with. Yesterday I was 200 miles away supporting a friend and though not always in sight, I know it was the place (and space) I was supposed to be in.

Today I am home geographically but increasingly I am learning to be aware of being ‘at home’ where ever I am, what ever I am doing and wherever a particular day takes me. Back to today . . . where I took a detour for a Starbucks ‘on the run.’ This turned into half an hour of writing a stream of thoughts in my little dog-eared notebook, kept safe in my bag.

Writing for me seems to open a conduit of sorts to other thoughts floating around in my sub conscious. The physical process of writing appears to provide the stimulus to let those thoughts breath and speak.

I paint my thoughts with the brush that I have chosen and the colours that appeal to me. They are my own: they are unique to me and arranging important thoughts matters so that they can become clear.

I make the edges smooth and soft so that they don’t ruffle me or my mood and that way I can stay at peace with my thoughts.  The rounded edges form into a bubble or two or three with a small rainbow warmly beaming in each one. They are floating gently. They need little persuading. I can blow them gently away from my centre or ease them towards my consciousness when I choose to. They are mine.

I don’t feel the need to pop my ‘thought bubbles’  because I choose not to let them become troublesome. They are my own and if I wish to stay peaceful (which I very much do) then it is for me to choose to keep thoughts ‘real’ and remind myself that that are all about me: my own unique thoughts – embrace them and stay happy.

Words today courtesy of a  skinny decaf latte in a cheery red Christmas cup!

Thought bubbles



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13 responses to “Shaping our own unique thoughts

  1. beautifully expressed and written! Linda

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Linda.

  3. You have a nice blog here ! Thanks for stopping by mine .

  4. Carefully composed and a pleasure to read – thanks for visiting!

  5. exiledprospero

    Daubed on a canvas, a particularly dark garnet red can evoke emotion. So too can a crystalline word or phrase. Rhetorically, one often asks what comes first–the chicken or the egg; for myself, I often ask what comes first– the thought or the word.


  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words… and I like the idea of a cup of coffee too. Starbucks or McD’s? 😉

  7. So pleased that something I wrote resonates with you. I too feel encouraged when I read words that come from someone else …but they speak loudly to me. … 🙂

  8. I think when you write or speak your thoughts they go through another part of the brain, and this additional grey matter, can change everything. Sometimes when we talk about a problem and solve it in the talking is my best example.

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