A ‘letting go’

She looked around her and wondered if others could see that she was not the same as yesterday. Today something and nothing had changed: did it colour her differently to stranger’s eyes. Did she suddenly look single. Maybe she had been single for months but only today was it real. She had been the one to make it real. It was a quiet place: a place of sinking back into herself. Last week and last month two lovers had been in a place together. They were meant to cross paths and learn and grow. From this moment there was no more growing to be done. Without words there is nothing. Had he lost interest in love’s lessons. She had leant into the wind as he had leant away. Intimate moments had dissolved into silence. Succor from one to the other ended.

This week she will buy tulip bulbs. Tomorrow she will plant them and keep them safe and frost free in the green house. They will gather their energy through the winter months so that in spring they can bloom: red, yellow, purple, white and orange.

There are always new windows to be peered into and doors waiting to be opened.

They are not so hard to spot, but easier found when you remember to gently close the one you just came through.



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3 responses to “A ‘letting go’

  1. Well said… such wisdom and beauty… šŸ™‚

  2. The last few lines will stay with me for some time. In just 37 words you have captured wisdom that took decades to accumulate.

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