Quick fire answer only

I was published on line once more today at the wonderful


My 75 words of the day –


“What do you like about him.” “Oh that’s easy” Polly bubbles.

“Everything, But that twinkle in his eye most of all.”

“What do you like about you.” Polly shuffles in her chair,

twisting a strand of hair around her finger and throwing the

question back at her oldest and dearest friend. Double silence.

“Triple chocolate fudge cake with chocolate sauce!”

They share a half smile as they dare to fathom their own best qualities.


Ask yourself right now what one (and I say one because there are lots) of your best qualities is…no fathoming!… just a quick fire answer.


Excellent…..now repeat that word to yourself  on and off throughout today. Write it down on a piece of paper and pop it in your bag or wallet. Make a reminder note of it in your phone. Write it on a post-it and stick it on the corner of your computer screen.


best quality

I think I will come back to this theme again soon.



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2 responses to “Quick fire answer only

  1. exiledprospero

    A modest quality: the inveterate belief in the exponentiality of chocolate.

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