We know what works . . . it’s simple really

Daily Prompt: Take It From Me.

from   KnowledgeKnut

I am sitting at my computer with my ankle strapped up as I managed to twist it when I was out Christmas shopping a few days ago. The upside is that I am indoors with the heating on full blast on the first day of winter with a morning frost and better still . . . I am making new discoveries with every click I make. I have searched for and stumbled across some terrific blogs and every one of them speaks to me in some way. They touch a part of me, whether it is my love of writing and words, art, the natural world, healthy living or my ever increasing belief in the power of mindfulness.

I like short and succinct  as I have a tendency towards that myself and this blog entry that I have ‘pressed’ on my blog was perfect for me today. I am a prime candidate for giving good advice but I am less convinced when it is offered to me. That is (as stated in the daily prompt) absolutely because I feel I am less deserving of guidance from others. After all, aren’t  I supposed to have worked ‘it all’ out already. Clearly I have not.

I dont ever want to stop learning and growing and as I move through another challenging phase in my life, I am reminded today by a message from a friend that,

“We know what works, what we want, what we need. It’s simple really. We must not waste our knowledge or our truths.”



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7 responses to “We know what works . . . it’s simple really

  1. Sounds to me like a good time to take on a new challenge. So, what will it be: musical, otherwise artistic, IT, reading…so many choices!

  2. Reblogged this on KnowledgeKnut and commented:
    OH, Lookie – I’ve been PRESSED! How COOL Is that!!!?!!!
    What a wonderful post – this really is neat, because I often wonder if the stuff acting like the Tazmanian Devil in my head resonates with anyone else! Specifically, not the deep, long, intense stuff, but the short, sweet and to the point stuff. I love that wisejourney zeroed in on that! Thank you!

    • Absolutely resonated. So pleased to have happened upon knowledgeknut yesterday. I look forward to reading more and a pleasure to have picked your words as my first ‘press’ Andrea.

  3. Wise words, thanks for sharing. 🙂

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