The gift of today

I sit near my window with the crispest rays of winter sunlight bathing me in shadows. Shards of colour are splashed on the wall: reflections through the Edwardian stained glass.

Reflections of today

Reflections of today

I am transported (with the aid of a scrap of paper in a writing journal) to another time and place.

I wrote, I am here to clear my head: to make it fresh and clean. I am here to smell nature. My cottage is a haven of soft blues, white and earth tones. I am here to shelter from the howling gales sweeping across the the salt marshes outside. I have never been to this place before. 

I took a walk past the old windmill and it started to rain. Winds shook me off my path for a while. On the shingle beach the sky was slung low and grey and on the far horizon a rainbow is offered up. The day is gold and purple. It is clean and fresh and cool. I soak in the elements and the ‘not knowing’ what my thoughts and feelings mean.

The uncertainly does not hinder my progress. We can’t have all the answers. We are not supposed to. We are here for the journey and from the day we are born it never stops.

I feel the day in my memory clearly. It’s part of my story, but where my story becomes real is today. This is what matters most. This moment, as I write and you read.

This is my way of being mindful every day – by simply allowing the moment to offer up it’s gifts. 

Today it is the pleasure of an early winter sun warming my hair through the glass of my window and a shadow cast to one side, of me writing in my beautiful new handmade notebook.

Today is the pleasure of colour reflections on my wall, on which I drift back to a warm memory, that blossomed on a stormy day.

Today it is a belief in a future in which I will reflect back on today with appreciation and comfort.

Today is a day when I start to have a sense of what my blog may grow to be and the pleasure it is providing me with.


I am enjoying my blogging journey on which I am joined by you. I look forward to weaving a tapestry of words and whimsical wisdom’s.

I look forward to continuing to join you on your journeys too.



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13 responses to “The gift of today

  1. Such a nice post, thank you so much for sharing with us.

  2. I felt like I was walking along a beach and the wind was gently blowing my hair! *laughing* Clearly I got lost in your post.Loved every minute of it!
    Paula x

  3. exiledprospero

    Words on chimerical journeys, leaving traces in your notebook.

  4. Northern Narratives

    Such a beautiful post.

  5. What a lovely post, thank you ever so much!
    Best regards

  6. mj

    Wonderful thoughts… and how often we forget to do exactly this…
    Thanks for refreshing the idea.

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