Warm words on a cold day

I sit inside my head
on my chair.
I gather close the love
I know is there.

I see a sea of family 
A journey of discovery
never ends.

I walk down streets I know
wander down new roads,
gathering wisdoms 
as my life unfolds.

I press pictures
smile at smiles
we smiled together
and will again in time.

I turn new pages 
I make them mine.

I sit inside my head 
lift the clouds.
I touch the sun
bring the day alive.



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13 responses to “Warm words on a cold day

  1. Hi. *waving* What a beautiful poem! *smiling* ….Paula x

  2. That is a perfect title for your wonderful words

  3. i like this. words are fun. words are deep. words are cool 🙂

  4. Thank you. I feel better already.

  5. Oh … likes this one … and really liked the verse that went,

    “I press pictures and smile at smiles”

    I also find it interesting to see where the breaks are in peoples poems … it makes me sometimes wonder what the writing is thinking and feeling …. and oftimes … the visual effects can have meaning … likes looking at this one.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I find I post here with words in a Fairly raw state. If the words were on my computer I would probably play with them, change them – move them. Maybe here they are more honest…

      • Do you mean to say you type them and scan them in?? (yes, I get confused easily lol.) Or are you saying that by writing in the blog you are least likely to edit? Ohh…writing this here makes me think the latter is what you meant nod nods.

        I write in a journal near every day…pencil and paper….no editing at all! Ack!

      • yes the latter. I am finding blogging makes me feel confident to edit less; maybe in part just being really honest with words and not thinking .”is it good enough” etc.

        I suppose I am finding blogging quite liberating.

        I journal and make notes always and often use them to inspire a post

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