Our stories

We are all filled to the brim with stories: our stories shaping us daily, moving us on and through and sometimes beyond today in the most extraordinary and unexpected ways.

All our stories are different. They are unique and incredible. They sometimes astound us, surprise and thrill us, but the one thing that is guaranteed is that they are always interesting.

We may choose to keep our stories inside or can breath new energy into them by choosing to share them.

Stories can be told in many ways: in verse . . in song . . in art . . in words . . in pictures.

They can be whispered. Some are spoken so softly they are barely audible. Others must be shouted from the rooftops, applauded and celebrated.

Our stories are big. Our stories are small. They are about yesterday, they are about tomorrow and today we are living our stories.

Sometimes they are dark. Other times they are bright and shiny. Their colours and shades reflect us at that moment – when we share with a friend, put pen to paper . . tap a keyboard . . press the shutter . . pick up a paintbrush.

When we blog we share our stories: our uniqueness.

We exchange, we read, we look, we listen and discover.

I came to blogging recently. Being here is part of my story: a desire to share my story. Blogging is part of your story too.

I find I am drawn to words and pictures which blend to bring your stories alive. If images are not part of the story, even the little box that is your gravatar colours the story with your hand.

My story today in the peace of my home.

My story today in the peace of my home.



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14 responses to “Our stories

  1. This is so true and beautifully written! I love our blogging family/community!
    Great post! …..Paula x

  2. I completely agree. Everyone has a story but not evrryone is brave enough to share it. But like cotton our daily storied are the “fabric of our life” and in such a technological age if we don’t share our stories with one another could we be at risk of losing our humanity and compassion for each other? Kudos, to you for your bravery on this journey I’m glad you popped in to visit on mine. 🙂 nice to meet you

  3. Certainly that’s one reason I write poetry…life needs some color when things get dreary…

  4. This is very beautifully written and makes for a wonderful reminder of living in the moment so we can have memories… This is wonderful writing! 😀

  5. So beautifully written. So true…sharing and learning from each other’s story
    is a wonderful part of life.

  6. Thank you too for your kind comment.

  7. Thank you Summer and warmest wishes back to you over the holidays and in 2013

  8. Thank you Summer and warm wishes to you over the holidays and in 2013.

  9. we are our stories, with new ones awaiting….

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