Quiet time with me

“Sit quietly and the answers will be revealed.”

I found myself re reading this mantra of mine. I wrote it at a time when I was searching for answers. These words reminded me to do so quietly, gently and not to put undue pressure on myself, but to have faith that I would know what I needed to know, when the time was right.

Looking at the words now I can see that there is something else hidden within them.

When I wrote the words first it was as a daily prompt to put myself in a quiet physical space, to better allow me to create the head space I needed. This way I was better prepared to hear what my head or heart had to tell me about a particular situation I found myself in.

As is so often the case, ‘the situation’ was a relationship I did not fully understand.
I make sense of my world by making sense of things, people and spaces: and that is what I sought.

The mindfulness (awareness) practices that I put in place then, have now filtered quietly into my sub conscious and I practice them daily.

Today the something else hidden in there has been revealed to me: it is that by spending quiet time with me, I will know myself better. No hard work ‘working out’ – no understanding – simply getting to know me better. I rather like that idea.

“I am my greatest project of enlightenment.” – anon –

Perhaps it is a little about allowing me to be as important ‘the me’ in my relationships with others.

Of course I am important. I am important all of the time and that includes the time I am alone with me.

Just being me

Enjoying me

Pleasing me

Uplifting me

Choosing me

( Words written on the top floor of a London bus, spending quiet time with me.)




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13 responses to “Quiet time with me

  1. Reading this I did a big sigh! Why? because you are SO right!! This is something we are all guilty of forgetting! Have a wonderful weekend! Great post and thanks to the top floor of the bus! *laughing* …..Paula x

  2. You sound like a great “me” to spend time with!

    • How very kind. Thank you so much Sharifah. I am not sure how this works but in detail but I will check out the link, put on my thinking cap and reply to your generous gesture. (Apologies if it takes me a few days around the holidays and I wish you the best for the season too.). Andrea

  3. Love this, for I know how hard it is too find time for ‘just being’ here in London. I also apply MBSR to find a little peace, breathing to be ourselves, is a letting go.

  4. It stands for Mindfulness based stress reduction, have you read or heard of it?

    • I practice( though I am not sure practice is the right word) mindfulness and it has been life changing.
      It has now I believe become a sub conscious part of me.

      Re read just this morning… Control your thoughts And you will control your world and my bedside reading is the art of happiness…. Have a great day…. andrea

      • Life changing indeed!! When I first read “Quitet time with me’… I was reminded of Charlotte Joko Beck who said, “every moment of our life is a relationship, there is nothing but relationship…”

        Her view is enlightenment isn’t something to search for, but a recognition of this relationship we have with life, and yes I know what you mean about the word “practice”. it suggests a dry run, or dress reheasal, and of course life has no such thing.

        Enjoy the sun Dubai, the sun is just breaking out here in London 🙂

      • I will check her out. Thanks. I am back in the rain of England sadly!

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