Almond blossom

Today I find myself filtering e mails and I came across this link. I am reminded why I love art and nature and pictures and art galleries and colour and any form of expression that speaks to my eyes.

The words beauty and joy and life and soul spring to mind and though I like to share more of my own words on my posts, this vision spoke to me and asked to be shared.

I hope it brings a moment of joy to you, in the way your words and pictures so often bring a moment of joy to me.



Filed under art, At peace, beauty, colour, creativity, hope, inspiration, joy, Living in the moment, soul, visions

4 responses to “Almond blossom

  1. Took the time to look–it was worth it :>)

  2. it is indeed one of his most beautiful ones!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. By far one of his more uplifting works. Thanks for the link. Not one I was familiar with.

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