Of daily bread and water

So they say its time to make a fresh start do they.
I say it times to just keep on
At where you’re at
And what you’re doing
And walk the path designed for you.
You know the one they say to me.
The one inside your house.
The one just over there.
The one beyond the doors and fields.
It’s etched up in the clouds somehow-
I see it now.
I see it in me and me in it.
The life that’s mine and only mine .
The one I’m moulding every day,
With each dawn break and mighty storm
And sandy beach and quiet walks to where its at.
That daily place of daily bread
And water.



Filed under comfort, creativity, joy, Living in the moment, Mindfulness, poetry, self awareness, words

11 responses to “Of daily bread and water

  1. Enjoyed waking up to your poem, and the imagery of the words.

  2. wisejourney

    thank you 🙂

  3. Need some time to think about this one, love it when a poem does that for me.

  4. hey, thanks for finding the time to drop in to the “beeseeker” journal, much appreciated.

  5. Heyy! You’ve been nominated for the Very inspiring blogger award! You’re worth it! Keep up the good work!
    Details: http://topdip.wordpress.com/2012/12/30/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

  6. wisejourney

    Thank you

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