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‘moment catcher’

This week I have come out of a short period of hibernation, as the rains from the west blow away the deep January chill that had settled over the British isles for the last two or more weeks.

The snow was pretty and uplifting, but truth be told, I don’t fair well in the freezing cold and only ventured beyond the environs of home when I absolutely had to.

Re-emerging, my first port of call was a recommended photographic shop in central london. I visited because I am considering upgrading my digital snap-shot camera of 5 years for something more adventurous.  The assistant patiently gave me a quick lesson in DSLR cameras , shocked me with the price for a body and lens, before I set off for a walk on a positively balmy 12 degree celsius day!

As so often happens, my eyes fall upon something that appeals to me and I snap it with my Iphone.

The first thing I snapped was a gothic looking church seen through the bare branches of the trees.

St Giles-in-the-Fields

St Giles-in-the-Fields

And as I turned to my left, in total contrast, this alluring brightly coloured block which I didn’t think at odds with it’s historic surrounding: in fact I rather liked it.

Matilda Apartments.

Matilda Apartments.

Today the sun came out, and with a new walking app on my phone I was guided on a few back streets and again wanted to snap the moment.

The Monument. The City of London. Designed by Sir Christopher Wren and erected between 1671 and 1677 to mark the Great Fire of London in 1666, The Monument is the tallest freestanding stone column in the world.

The Monument. The City of London. Designed by Sir Christopher Wren and erected between 1671 and 1677 to mark the Great Fire of London in 1666, The Monument is the tallest freestanding stone column in the world.

Looking at my pics I don’t suppose they are too bad for a quick tap on a phone!

The Shard -  as seen seen from a side street, north of the river.

The Shard as seen seen a side street north of the river.

When asked why I want more than just a snap and go camera by my son, I thought for a moment and then replied, ” because I see a connection between my words and pictures.”  ….something like the minds eye: two forms of expression that come together so perfectly and is so often reflected on many of the blogs that I follow and which inspire me.

The Shard continuing to rise above London.

The Shard continuing to rise above London.

My desire to capture the moment is a key ingredient in my daily endeavours  and desire to live in the moment. I do this not to create images for posterity or aid memories, but I believe as a fuller expression of living in the moment.

This makes me feel a little more inclined to continue my search for my next camera. Any advice and tips will be gratefully received for a wannabee amateur photographer: A  ‘moment catcher’  if you will!

Though I am driven by words as a form of expression, pictures often come first, whether in my minds eye or the images I process using the magic of  my cornea, lens, iris, retina and optic nerve.

Which brings me back to my garden and the dwarf Iris  (Iris reticulata) which I  had forgotten were tucked safely in the soil of a plant pot from last spring:  they are back to please my eye once more, for as long as they stick around.

This is my favourite image today, as this delicate early spring bloomer is my late Mum’s namesake and my most treasured flower.

Dwarf Iris

Dwarf Iris



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How did I taste she asked,

hugging her knees: eyes closed.

You are a banquet,

a feast.

Where did you start she asked.

I started at the heart of you,

suckling ripe fruit from your belly.

I licked the juices from your skin as

Berries rained down on us.

And then.

Your ribs, each one laced with linguine and

warm bread in the nook of your elbow . . just there.

You broke off a chunk and told me to enjoy:

the way you do.

Did you feed from the palms of my hands.

I spliced a fig into four crescent moons.

We each devoured two.


I will rock you to sleep.


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How true . . .how liberating

How true . . .how liberating… know this, accept this and move on with a happier life when you do.

I feel that a re-blog should be one that ‘chimes out loud’ with the re-blogger when it’s read. This one does.

They are all words I absolutely believe and uphold. I particularly liked that Candycoatedreality reminded me to step out of myself: to reach out when you are not feeling

at your best and it will always lift the spirits and if not quite lifted, make them flutter a little.

My spirits are in good shape as it happens, in spite of the prevailing biting cold, but I have been in that place in the past and it reminded me to reach out anyway. I did.

For me these words are less about recovery and more a ‘way of living.’

I am sure there is something in them for you too.


superhero capeAddictions. Natural Disasters. Recessions. Icky days…

We all have issues, struggles, obstacles and “bad” luck. What is your recovery plan? Sure, we’d all love someone to save us, right? Where is our Knight? Where is our Superhero? Well, my friend… look in the mirror. You’re the one to save yourself. Recovery starts with YOU!!

Life happens. Life is a series of steps. YOUR steps. Every day we face a million different decisions. Choices all strung together in a row. Some believe it is easier to be who others want them to be… live up to others expectations… rather than do the work and take the time necessary to discover who they are and set their OWN expectations.

LetThingsGoThe only person you can control is YOU!! Your thoughts. Your feelings. Your words. Your actions. Your reactions. No matter how hard you try… you cannot control one single other person in this…

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With a child’s eyes

I recently put an app on my phone that is called Mindfulness Attitude.

It lists 7 significant ways of thinking and behaving which are helpful. For each one there is a simple statement to guide you and I like to check in and read them most days.

Last night as I lay in bed, one in particular was on my mind, as I became aware that I was excited with the news that a snow storm was going to spread across England overnight and was due to arrive in London around 9 in the morning. I was thinking of the world with what my app calls a beginners mind –  ‘having the willingness to observe the world as if it were the first time doing so.’

I love to watch fresh snow fall. I  find it relaxing and soothing and I am drawn back in my mind to my childhood and all those wonderful snowy wintry memories:  of snow ball fights in the street, building a snowman in the garden and giving him eyes made of coal.

As a peeked out all morning it was just as if I was watching the snow fall for the first time and was in awe of it’s beauty and wonder.

I was rewarded  with the sight of my back garden robin sheltering under the table, then coming back again later to shelter some more.

A muffled snow slips down

A muffled snow slips dainty down

Icy flotsam whirl and bounce

Lace ribbon catch in cobwebs

Snow white dust laid bare


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It bites . . .


. . . the pimples on your cheeks

and eases in your laughter lines.

A dried out sun cracks brackish greys –

today it smells mid winter.




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ripples to riches

Several months ago I gave myself the best possible gift. I gave myself the gift of peace and acceptance.

This came after a period of emotional ripples. I have had those before. We all have. What was different this time was that I did not chastise myself about my decision. I stopped questioning my choice.

I realised that I wasn’t only moving on from this particular place of ripples: I was making peace with all my life choices today.

Everything today is as it is supposed to be. I am in the place I am supposed to be in, with the people I am supposed to be with. I have believed that for some years now but I don’t think I had fully embraced it’s positive impact on my life until now. The emotional ripples of late last year were there to show me this truth.

My life is how its is supposed to be right now. So is yours. The past doesn’t exist except in our memories. The future is yet to happen.

Life is NOW; as we write and read and eat and sleep and walk and talk and listen and smile and simply BE.

So go on . . . give yourself a great gift today, where ever in the world you are BEing you.



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75 words


I am pleased to appear on again and for the first time in 2013

The site publishes 75 words every day and it is a great prompt to get the creative juices flowing. Some times 300 / 500 / 1000 words are just too much, but you can almost always squeeze out 75.

Have a wonderful creative day filled with words and magic.


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