BEing mindful of BEing

Writing a few words in a journal I muse about what I wish for in 2013. It is January 6th and already that new year stuff seems ‘old hat.’  Well I suppose it would, if being mindful is above all else about being aware of the value of the moment and being in that moment.

I write,  ‘I want to live by BEing first.’

. . and then I wonder – as opposed to what?

Given that I have spent a good deal of energy in recent years searching and seeking, perhaps that is it: the thing I no longer am.

Am I no longer the seeker, always wandering and musing and looking out for a sign of what the future may hold.

I think that’s it . . . I am no longer searching for a vision of the future: rather I am content in the present and allowing my faith in the future to take care of itself and me.

Slowly over 6 months, I have grown to realise that BEing aware of my presence and state of mind in the moment is how I can best take care of me.

This shift away from when and towards now has been liberating. Anxieties have gradually fallen away as I place daily energy into daily living.

If things change tomorrow then I will enjoy BEing tomorrow or next week or next month.

I no longer expend energy on the unknown, the may-bes or the what-ifs. After all, the future doesn’t exist right now.

I love BEing. It has freed me for today. How much more pleasurable to be with me now. I like me more this way.

When the future presents itself,  I will enjoy unwrapping it and enjoy it too!



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15 responses to “BEing mindful of BEing

  1. You sound beautiful and peaceful! Happy New Year!! ……Paula xx

  2. “This shift away from when and towards now has been liberating.” <– Yes

  3. WanderLass

    Inspiring journal… I used to wander as well – how my future unfolds, but I just learned that it is more vital to live in the present. Past is history, future is mystery and present is the present or gift of God. Thank you for sharing…

  4. mj

    To BE. This is very inspiring for me, at this point in my life. Thanks for this peaceful, liberating thought.

  5. It sounds like you found the peace within, thank you for the inspiring post!

  6. Hi Andrea, another enjoyable read… reminiscent of ‘To Have Or To Be’ by Erich Fromm, have you read it?

  7. Your pose reminded me of what might just be my favourite podcast series. All the episodes are on iTunes. Oh and this is not promotion; I am just a fan…

  8. Enjoy BEing.
    When are truly BEing, we are, truly.

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