ripples to riches

Several months ago I gave myself the best possible gift. I gave myself the gift of peace and acceptance.

This came after a period of emotional ripples. I have had those before. We all have. What was different this time was that I did not chastise myself about my decision. I stopped questioning my choice.

I realised that I wasn’t only moving on from this particular place of ripples: I was making peace with all my life choices today.

Everything today is as it is supposed to be. I am in the place I am supposed to be in, with the people I am supposed to be with. I have believed that for some years now but I don’t think I had fully embraced it’s positive impact on my life until now. The emotional ripples of late last year were there to show me this truth.

My life is how its is supposed to be right now. So is yours. The past doesn’t exist except in our memories. The future is yet to happen.

Life is NOW; as we write and read and eat and sleep and walk and talk and listen and smile and simply BE.

So go on . . . give yourself a great gift today, where ever in the world you are BEing you.




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21 responses to “ripples to riches

  1. Your beautiful words bring me comfort! Thank you. 🙂 ……. Paula xx

  2. When you are in peaceful acceptance of oneself is the one of the best gift you can bestow to yourself. Congratulations. Peace be with you.

  3. mj

    Your words give peace. They remind me of my own period of emotional upheaval, how important it is to make peace with yourself and life as it is, and even more, how important it is to stop blaming yourself.
    Thanks for this. When someone tells us what we already know, it helps – to know we are not alone in our little battles with life.

  4. living in the now is the most important indeed. 🙂

  5. Thanks Andrea, I’m enjoying reading about your experiences with BEing. Every step is an excellent opportunity to re-discover simplicity, in light of what we knew all along. Keep up the great work. Take care,

  6. artblablablablog

    I believe this too and came to the same place this past year, it’s a good place to be without the negative self talk and accepting that everything is for our ultimate good and growth, good for you!

  7. THAT is something I like to be reminded of from time to time. Well, okay, ALL the time. Thanks!


    I have not been able to give myself peace or acceptance yet- much evolution in my life- how did you do it?

    • It will come in time. Believe that it will and that you deserve it and say this to your self all the time. When times were harder I would repeat mantras of positivity I had made up . I would print them off and place them where I would see them every day.
      Over time and with a natural growing sense of peace the beliefs became part of me. It’s a little like watering a garden and being patient and with time the hard work of tending your garden will reward you with flowers and fruits.
      I hope this helps

  9. Nice post. I knw that feeling. it came to me once in church. i called it finding myself in spirituality…

    However that was over a month ago… I think making peace with oneself is an on going process.

  10. Fantastic write! I think I did this also a few months after my cancer diagnosis. While I’m doing well and am happy. I live each day and do the things I enjoy. Instead of feeling guilty because I’m not doing something for someone else all the time, I’m allowing my heart to make the decisions because I have Faith that God won’t allow me to screw up too badly. It is a process… that’s why I think, we’re eventually get there once we’re older or after a devastating experience and are made to “grow up”. 😀

  11. EXCELLENT, a huge leap forward!

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