With a child’s eyes

I recently put an app on my phone that is called Mindfulness Attitude.

It lists 7 significant ways of thinking and behaving which are helpful. For each one there is a simple statement to guide you and I like to check in and read them most days.

Last night as I lay in bed, one in particular was on my mind, as I became aware that I was excited with the news that a snow storm was going to spread across England overnight and was due to arrive in London around 9 in the morning. I was thinking of the world with what my app calls a beginners mind –  ‘having the willingness to observe the world as if it were the first time doing so.’

I love to watch fresh snow fall. I  find it relaxing and soothing and I am drawn back in my mind to my childhood and all those wonderful snowy wintry memories:  of snow ball fights in the street, building a snowman in the garden and giving him eyes made of coal.

As a peeked out all morning it was just as if I was watching the snow fall for the first time and was in awe of it’s beauty and wonder.

I was rewarded  with the sight of my back garden robin sheltering under the table, then coming back again later to shelter some more.

A muffled snow slips down

A muffled snow slips dainty down

Icy flotsam whirl and bounce

Lace ribbon catch in cobwebs

Snow white dust laid bare



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22 responses to “With a child’s eyes

  1. Hi, I was excited too! Winter at last! At 2 am I woke up and put my hand out of the window (freezing draught) and felt snow land on it. At 6am I woke up and it wasn’t dark outside because of the snow. I couldn’t sleep again and then got up to feed the birds as I knew they would be very hungry. There were bird tracks all over the snow when i opened the door as if they had been waiting for me. I suppose they had indeed! Cheers becky (on the PAV course, too) rebecca gethin.wordpress.com

  2. funny enough, I was saying to friend that minfulness is good brain training in staying young, i.e. in cultivation an open attitude to changes and chall;enges we face.

  3. Hi! *waving* I am sooo jealous!! Perth, Australia never has had snow! It’s way too hot here! really happy for you as you made me feel excited for you! 🙂

  4. excellent… send a little sunshine this way

  5. mj

    You make the snowstorm sound like fun… 🙂 that’s a gift only few people have…. to be able to see life like that… hold on to it!

  6. I love London. and I miss the snow right now. That crunching sound of the snow under your feet, that crisp cold air against your cheek. Good times!

  7. I love the snow too! (But it rarely snows here…even if it is at -5C).

    A lovely little poem at the ending too.

  8. Lovely story about snow storm.

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  10. Beautiful, and a great reminder – beginner’s mind, a conscious, magical place to receive life from. Thanks for the visit and the like:-)

  11. Where I live (California – U.S.) we have to drive to the mountains to experience snow. I would love a late season snow fall. I am going to look into that app. It’s nice to discipline yourself to be aware and grateful for everyday things around us.

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