How true . . .how liberating

How true . . .how liberating… know this, accept this and move on with a happier life when you do.

I feel that a re-blog should be one that ‘chimes out loud’ with the re-blogger when it’s read. This one does.

They are all words I absolutely believe and uphold. I particularly liked that Candycoatedreality reminded me to step out of myself: to reach out when you are not feeling

at your best and it will always lift the spirits and if not quite lifted, make them flutter a little.

My spirits are in good shape as it happens, in spite of the prevailing biting cold, but I have been in that place in the past and it reminded me to reach out anyway. I did.

For me these words are less about recovery and more a ‘way of living.’

I am sure there is something in them for you too.


superhero capeAddictions. Natural Disasters. Recessions. Icky days…

We all have issues, struggles, obstacles and “bad” luck. What is your recovery plan? Sure, we’d all love someone to save us, right? Where is our Knight? Where is our Superhero? Well, my friend… look in the mirror. You’re the one to save yourself. Recovery starts with YOU!!

Life happens. Life is a series of steps. YOUR steps. Every day we face a million different decisions. Choices all strung together in a row. Some believe it is easier to be who others want them to be… live up to others expectations… rather than do the work and take the time necessary to discover who they are and set their OWN expectations.

LetThingsGoThe only person you can control is YOU!! Your thoughts. Your feelings. Your words. Your actions. Your reactions. No matter how hard you try… you cannot control one single other person in this…

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4 responses to “How true . . .how liberating

  1. mj

    Truly inspirational!

  2. Thanks for sharing this write up. The recovery model is one close to my heart.

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