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I “like” your blog

I have generously given several awards last year by fellow bloggers and more recently I was offered another.

My delayed response to the one given most recently has caused me to stop and think – why the delay?

I have read on some blogs a preference not to receive awards. The reason is usually that writing and publishing a blog post: having others “like” it and sometimes comment on it, is recognition enough. I now realise that this is the camp I fall in to.

Awards are an additional kindness  – I know, however the requirement to respond publicly in a set way, does not resonate with me.

As what I write and publish is driven by me, this redirection of my energy away from my essence is I feel, a distraction.

I choose to read fellow blogs because I choose to. I enjoy them, they give me pleasure and sometimes they inspire me. They can make me smile.they can cause me to think more deeply and I will continue to do this.

For every blog that I read and “like” I am recognising your words, your pictures and your vision.

I am grateful for these and I thank you all.


I am being honest which is important to me.



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“L’art pour l’art”

Every few days a piece of art drops into my in-box.

This is a recent piece

. . .that I wanted to share with a few words of my own:


Time is in the room with you and in the air

upon your tongue.

Companion when you need it most.

It’s on each page.

and in each pore – 

awake with you and in your dreams.

It’s there.

I have grown to love art for arts sake in recent years and living in London I am fortunate to have so many wonderful galleries on my doorstep.

Last week I went back to the Royal Academy for a second time with a friend and looked into the eyes of Manet’s Berta Morisot  for a second time. I brought her home in miniature and now she sits and looks back at me from a shelf.


. . . just as she looks out at the world from her banner on the RA.’s_sake


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A supple willingness to just embrace the day

with yesterday long gone –

shed off like locust skin

in tune with now: so simply

just let in.

Breadcrumb thoughts now sprinkled in the ashy snow.

A sonorous, lazy, quiet letting go.


I have taken the liberty of adding this link to another blog that I follow which posted this morning a perfect accompaniment to my words.

Thank you so much 67painting. I hope you enjoy this start to the weekend as much as I am.


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Is February playing tricks

The last 10 days have been a mix of blue skies, mild days and freezing mornings.

The air has felt almost spring like, with early morning birdsong and a streak of light breaking through by bedroom blinds earlier each morning.

The days are stretching until 5 in the afternoon, but don’t be fooled. This long british winter still has a sting in her tail!

There’s more biting cold to come, with wind chill taking temperatures below freezing and snow flurries again in the forecast.

As spring peeps around the corner, I am not looking back towards the winter dark. I am instead looking ahead into my world and enjoying it’s surprises.

This week I was thrilled to spot a little bird sitting on top of my hedge.


She sat and she looked and she sat some more.


I stood at my window and I looked


and I looked some more.

As I gently lived each day that unfolded, my week was further brightened by the dazzling pink of a camellia bush in the garden: heavy with buds and showing off her beauty when days are still frosty and grey.


February isn’t playing tricks I don’t think. February is being….well…just February: her songs, her colours and her daily dose of more and more light to wake me.


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Words can flow unexpectedly, often triggered by something I see or feel. They don’t always though. Sometimes, like you, I have to work to find them.

Yesterday I took this picture.


It had to be taken by me.

The blurring of the sea and sky mesmerised me and drew me in momentarily.

I was enjoying playing with my new bridge camera: my new toy that will also allow me to learn new skills and explore my world in a new way.


This workhorse of the waters

touching the tip of my nose.

A sea without end or start.

A muzzy sea below

a millpond sky.


I like words that feel less ‘worked at’ . . more easily realised on the page.

If today they are few and my boat simple sits in her waters to speak to you, that is fine.

I wish you a wonderful day


February 17, 2013 · 9:24 am

spell it out in pictures

My outing started out as one to visit camera shops to get more advice in my quest to find a camera to suit me. It turned into another ramble that took me into the heart of Bloomsbury


. . .Historically, Bloomsbury is associated with the arts, education and medicine. The area gives its name to the Bloomsbury Group of artists, the most famous of whom was Virginia Woolf, who met in private homes in the area in the early 1900s (Wikipedia)

I don’t seem able to resist the desire to snap things I see and like these days, and this day was no exception. I liked the red entrance and the big map of London framed through the open door –

If your look carefully at the reflection in my shot your can just about make out the words London review Bookshop. . .


The very place I ended up, as there is nothing quite like the draw of a bookshops full of pristine pages . . .


and this one had the most wonderful little cafe attached . . .


so a spot of lunch was definitely in order.

…Followed by more snapping in the square….


and past that wonderful edifice: that is The British Museum and my way back to the tube,



with the purchase of a few more pages tucked away…


It was later that I realised that the joy of words and pictures came together so perfectly on my ramble.


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happy on the inside….out

The skin of a life long held belief is not an easy one to shed: but I am doing it and will continue to do it.

My particular understanding of the word – HAPPY  – and belief about what it represents to me, are evolving over time, just as I am evolving as a person: shrugging off believes and ideas that are no longer relevant  or meaningful in my life.

I used to think that BEing happy required a grinning face, a feeling of euphoria or a sensory ‘high’ of some sort. I had forgotten that BEing happy was a state of mind…a state of BEing that I last recalled strongly when I was raising my (then young) children. I was utterly in the moment at that time and utterly happy.

It was the presence of my kids and my central role in their formative lives, that brought that huge level of BEing happy to me. Today it is quite another thing and the most mammoth shift in my thinking today is this –  that my happiness is not provided primarily by people and places, rather it is provided by me . . yes me!

My happiness   …    my BEing happy is self-generated – it comes from me: inside me.

My happiness emanates outwards, rather than my belief that it was something that I absorbed from the world around me.

This shift: this shedding of a no longer required skin, is guiding me towards the knowledge, understanding and acceptance that BEing happy is about BEing content.

It is about BEing fine, calm, peaceful, quiet, in control of my choices, aware of my needs, BEing myself and doing the things that I want to do.. Doing things that bring me pleasure…that please me …. that simply make me happy.

Having said all of this, I can still struggle to say the that little simple word...happy out loud. So when asked how I am, I will most likely reply…I’m fine, I’m good etc.         That’s OK though, as I know that on the inside, that happy place  looks out at the world like never before.



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