spell it out in pictures

My outing started out as one to visit camera shops to get more advice in my quest to find a camera to suit me. It turned into another ramble that took me into the heart of Bloomsbury


. . .Historically, Bloomsbury is associated with the arts, education and medicine. The area gives its name to the Bloomsbury Group of artists, the most famous of whom was Virginia Woolf, who met in private homes in the area in the early 1900s (Wikipedia)

I don’t seem able to resist the desire to snap things I see and like these days, and this day was no exception. I liked the red entrance and the big map of London framed through the open door –

If your look carefully at the reflection in my shot your can just about make out the words London review Bookshop. . .


The very place I ended up, as there is nothing quite like the draw of a bookshops full of pristine pages . . .


and this one had the most wonderful little cafe attached . . .


so a spot of lunch was definitely in order.

…Followed by more snapping in the square….


and past that wonderful edifice: that is The British Museum and my way back to the tube,



with the purchase of a few more pages tucked away…


It was later that I realised that the joy of words and pictures came together so perfectly on my ramble.



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15 responses to “spell it out in pictures

  1. Northern Narratives

    Bookstores and cafes – I will join you next time 🙂

  2. It’s great when things come together :>)

  3. I agree with Maurice! Happy Valentines Day…..Hugs Paula xx

  4. lensandpensbysally

    This serendipity was the epitome of a wise journey.

  5. Just a quick note that I can’t open your page about the ship? So, I couldn’t comment! Sorry. xx

  6. I like your rambles, a lot and the architecture of the British Museum is astounding. Its a great focus point in London to ramble away from the hustle bustle.

  7. What a lovely ramble…I feel as though I tagged along with you 🙂 but I missed out on the cherry tea cake, which just sounds amazing! Did you try it?

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