Words can flow unexpectedly, often triggered by something I see or feel. They don’t always though. Sometimes, like you, I have to work to find them.

Yesterday I took this picture.


It had to be taken by me.

The blurring of the sea and sky mesmerised me and drew me in momentarily.

I was enjoying playing with my new bridge camera: my new toy that will also allow me to learn new skills and explore my world in a new way.


This workhorse of the waters

touching the tip of my nose.

A sea without end or start.

A muzzy sea below

a millpond sky.


I like words that feel less ‘worked at’ . . more easily realised on the page.

If today they are few and my boat simple sits in her waters to speak to you, that is fine.

I wish you a wonderful day



February 17, 2013 · 9:24 am

11 responses to “flatline

  1. Cool, it works now! Hugs Paula xxx

  2. That picture rings so very close to me. I have always lived by the sea and go there often, especially when I need any sort of rest; renewal. There’s something about the fog. Those ‘beneficial vapours’ ironically enough often let us see what we might otherwise miss. Perhaps it’s the accompanying stillness–that causes is to focus more closely on what we CAN see and what we can hear. Looking at that picture I can hear the swish of the water, the low drone of the diesel engine, the occasional ‘clank’–that is a workhorse and maybe, if you listen hard enough…voices.

    • It is the stillness that mesmerises . . .yes we do tune in more with all our senses and when there is a fog even more so , though fog is quite rare in a city. I do recall it so well from my childhood.

      There is something about your neck of the woods that draws me…

      one day I would like to take a boat tour around the islands and see the wildlife and scenery…on my bucket list me thinks!

  3. mj

    Wonderful! Spontaneity has no ‘better than’. The picture, the words do it all.

  4. spontaneity…thats it: indeed quite wonderful.

  5. Nice work with the new bridge camera!!!
    I like nothing more than to aim the lens at the sea and using a polaroid filter across the sun, I find different hues and reflections coming from the water that seem undetectable to the naked eye. It’s really about a study of light and an endless fascination with the endless ocean.

    • I am guessing you are way more adept than me, as pretty much a raw enthusiast !

      I was truly mesmerised by the sea and the sky that day and seeing the world through a lens is ‘different’ somehow… The sea truly draws you in

  6. Wow, it almost looks like its floating. Thank goodness you were there to capture this foggy moment for us all….yaay for spontaneity 🙂

  7. You’ve made my day!
    Thank you.

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