Is February playing tricks

The last 10 days have been a mix of blue skies, mild days and freezing mornings.

The air has felt almost spring like, with early morning birdsong and a streak of light breaking through by bedroom blinds earlier each morning.

The days are stretching until 5 in the afternoon, but don’t be fooled. This long british winter still has a sting in her tail!

There’s more biting cold to come, with wind chill taking temperatures below freezing and snow flurries again in the forecast.

As spring peeps around the corner, I am not looking back towards the winter dark. I am instead looking ahead into my world and enjoying it’s surprises.

This week I was thrilled to spot a little bird sitting on top of my hedge.


She sat and she looked and she sat some more.


I stood at my window and I looked


and I looked some more.

As I gently lived each day that unfolded, my week was further brightened by the dazzling pink of a camellia bush in the garden: heavy with buds and showing off her beauty when days are still frosty and grey.


February isn’t playing tricks I don’t think. February is being….well…just February: her songs, her colours and her daily dose of more and more light to wake me.



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14 responses to “Is February playing tricks

  1. That’s a marvellous mix of thought, commentary and photos, think the bird is a hedge sparrow or dunnock …

  2. Great pics… you’re right winter isn’t over yet, and many species of garden birds are facing tough times, feeding wise.

  3. I Love pink and love the bird! Have a great weekend! Hugs Paula x

  4. Flowers in February!? You are so fortunate. Not so much as a snow drop around here yet. Not too many birds here either, so it’s nice to know there are flowers and songbirds somewhere in the world. Thanks for sharing!

  5. My bird book gives a different picture for a dunnock, but the Natural History museum agrees with beeseeker.
    Spring is supposed to move north at walking pace. Last week I saw camellias in bud in the Midlands, but no colour showing. Sue

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