A supple willingness to just embrace the day

with yesterday long gone –

shed off like locust skin

in tune with now: so simply

just let in.

Breadcrumb thoughts now sprinkled in the ashy snow.

A sonorous, lazy, quiet letting go.


I have taken the liberty of adding this link to another blog that I follow which posted this morning a perfect accompaniment to my words.

Thank you so much 67painting. I hope you enjoy this start to the weekend as much as I am.



Filed under At peace, blogging, comfort, Mindfulness, Music, Peace of mind, poetry

9 responses to “sonorous

  1. Thank you for the smile inside, it’s a bitterly cold day, but warmer for your posting Sonorous.

  2. i’ve linked your sonorous words to my blog, t’was too good to miss

  3. Beautiful mindful words…..and just breathe out πŸ™‚

  4. mj

    PErfect! A great way to get thru days… have a good one!

  5. May I suggest that you and 67 paintings join in a continuing collaboration? I have seen that done very well on WP, but none fit so snugly as that produced by the two of you.

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