“L’art pour l’art”

Every few days a piece of art drops into my in-box.

This is a recent piece


. . .that I wanted to share with a few words of my own:


Time is in the room with you and in the air

upon your tongue.

Companion when you need it most.

It’s on each page.

and in each pore – 

awake with you and in your dreams.

It’s there.

I have grown to love art for arts sake in recent years and living in London I am fortunate to have so many wonderful galleries on my doorstep.

Last week I went back to the Royal Academy for a second time with a friend and looked into the eyes of Manet’s Berta Morisot  for a second time. I brought her home in miniature and now she sits and looks back at me from a shelf.


. . . just as she looks out at the world from her banner on the RA.




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12 responses to ““L’art pour l’art”

  1. I loved that piece of art that you shared with us from artfinder! It took my breath away! Thank you and have a great Sunday! Sharon

  2. I had forgotten what a pleasure a highly (carefully?) structured poem can be. That you sustained a rhyme between the first line and the last is impressive. I had to check twice before I could see that it was indeed the only rhyme. You shouldn’t have been able to pull that off with six lines between them, but you did – because the rythym kept suggesting rhyme until it pulled the two together. Nice.
    Thank-you for visiting my blog!

  3. 😀 Your writing is always so good! It’s a joy to read!

  4. I love the words you put to that intriguing piece of art. That’s the kind of art I can sit and stare at every day and come up with new insights each time. Thanks for visiting my blog – so glad to have found yours!

  5. Yours is a truly creative soul.
    Thank you for sharing it with the world.

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