I “like” your blog

I have generously given several awards last year by fellow bloggers and more recently I was offered another.

My delayed response to the one given most recently has caused me to stop and think – why the delay?

I have read on some blogs a preference not to receive awards. The reason is usually that writing and publishing a blog post: having others “like” it and sometimes comment on it, is recognition enough. I now realise that this is the camp I fall in to.

Awards are an additional kindness ย – I know, however the requirement to respond publicly in a set way, does not resonate with me.

As what I write and publish is driven by me, this redirection of my energy away from my essence is I feel, a distraction.

I choose to read fellow blogs because I choose to. I enjoy them, they give me pleasure and sometimes they inspire me. They can make me smile.they can cause me to think more deeply and I will continue to do this.

For every blog that I read and “like” I am recognising your words, your pictures and your vision.

I am grateful for these and I thank you all.


I am being honest which is important to me.



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31 responses to “I “like” your blog

  1. Well said. You’re so right. When I pass awards on, I do so mostly with the intention to let the recipients know how much I like and appreciate their blogs, as well as to introduce others to them. And I certainly respect those who choose not to continue the “chain”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I definitely agree with you! Personally I feel more happy when I actually pass on an award than receiving it. Till now I haven’t given an award to someone “just cos” but because I truly love the posts and the way the blogger expresses himself. Well said! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I am happy to discover that you feel as I do about awards. I genuinely appreciate them. I have real trouble organizing them and more trouble writing the posts to pass them along. Honestly, I doubt that many people read or investigate the nominees. I would love to visit every single person who ever stopped to look at something on my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for posting this.

  4. I guess awards are tokens of that appreciation, and a compliment no less. Still like you, I try to express how one blogger inspires me in a direct and personal way, it feels more like a collaboration or the passing of a baton if you like. I value most the honesty, openess and commitment you give in your blog. If there was an award for keeping up the good work, you’d have my vote ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I do feel the same, received a few but more than often I keep postponing answering to them, not because I’m ungrateful, I guess I’m just a bit lazy, one day I will write and thanks all of those fine peoples who gave me these awards…soon…:)

  6. I have pondered the award situation as well. It does take time and effort to follow through with the “Rules.” I decided to respond to the awards, but I am fine with others who have decided otherwise…even if it is an award I passed on to them.

    Here is my thinking…
    There are many bloggers who would love to have additional visitors and connect with more people online. Some of them are truly gifted bloggers. Nominating blogs for awards seems like a great way to acknowledge others’ great efforts, as well as to help point people toward worthy blogs.

    I visit multiple posts on every blog that is nominated by those I follow. I leave a note on most of them, and I begin following some of them as well. Some of my favorites have been located in this way, and I enjoy the opportunity to get to know more people from around the world.

    I have also chosen to display on my blog the awards others have given to me. This way, I can be by-passed for awards I have already received. And that gives me more time for my own kind of posts.

    Your thoughts were very well-written in this post (and I really enjoyed my visit around your blog as well); and I understand your choice completely. I just thought I would respond for the other side. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s great that this is a system that can work whether an award recipient chooses to respond or not. All is well.

  7. poppytump

    I feel very much the same . I love to visit peoples blogs like, comment, and enjoy what is there … and feel unemcumbered . When I have been nominated I have hopefully not hurt anyones feelings by asking to take a rain check in my reply to them . Some folks love them and throw themselves into the whole thing and that’s absolutely fine and I do understand it is a token of appreciation and an ‘additional kindness’ as you said but for me I’ll stay with my one and only ‘BWO’ little bird pic BloggingwithoutObligation .. that some one passed on to me …. once I can get it to show up properly lol
    Enjoy your weekend A ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. A clear explanation is usually valued, and that’s been given. I’d guess you will still get awards proffered as you get new followers who maybe haven’t read this post but then you could link to it.

    I think it a good idea to ‘set out your stall’ in this way.

  9. I generally agree with you. The so called awards are usually just a mutual back patting exercise.

    I did once set up a weekend theme where you were asked to decide on one unique award for one blogger. No passing on was wanted, just a fun exercise to determine in what way you felt a single blogger was special. I did feel that was appropriate. Maybe i should make it an annual event with some differnces each year?

  10. You have spoken from the heart. The joy of this blogging life is being able to make choices. It takes thought and time to create posts, and each of us most sprinkle our energy where we feel it is best received and used. Thanks for your thoughts.

  11. Oh…I like your words on this…and also all the commentors also had a good way of expressing how they are grateful for blogs..and why they like giving awards.

    What’s interesting I think is that in the beginning, when we get the awards we are sooo wooohoo. And the woohooo is a grand thing indeed…

    But I also find that those who stick with blogging, while appreciating receiving awards…really do find the connection with others an even more woohooo reward. I think I feel that way anyway.

  12. Exactly! You just saved me from saying it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Thanks everyone for your kind and thoughtful responses and I must say the growing connectedness is the greatest reward.

  14. well said! I’m in complete agreement and actually very much dislike listing 17. things nobody knows( for a reason!) and then give it to 17 others!!! not why I blog… x

  15. eclecticpills

    Your honesty inspires me. You other blogs because you want to–not because you want to self-promote your blog. Refreshing. Thanks.

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