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Have you ever had someone casually ask you what you have been up to and you can’t think of anything in days to share with them.

It’s not that you haven’t done anything, it’s just that you are simply living each day in the moment and trying to explain that is not the point.
When I was asked yesterday, that is exactly what I thought. (Or didn’t think ūüôā )
I recognised that the lack of an exciting or interesting response IS the point.
The point is BEing. When I can’t think of anything of note then it means I am in a good place: the kind of place with me that I increasingly relish. A place of BEing quiet and BEing peaceful and a good portion of that time simply BEing with me.
There is often a good deal of reading, writing and simply going about my day without big plans.
Often the daily routine will involve spending time with family and friends and these days, grabbing my camera and taking pictures: random things that please my eye and in that moment I enjoy capturing.
Yesterday I told my son that I wanted to take pictures of birds at sunset. Off we set…… and I did just that.
And me – well I was a happy bunny. ¬†A gentle drifting of time shared… chatting with my son, sipping my extra hot cafe latte and lots of birds, who were more than happy to share our space.
As I write today, I am part of the world around me, sitting on the balcony of my son’s apartment.
I can see rippling water, a streaked blue sky, boats at anchor, green grass, flowers, trees, birds ¬†and people. I hear children’s voices. I feel movement and stillness. There is activity and quiet and always there is birdsong.
This bunny remains happy simply BEing.


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Wordless Wednesday



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Gentle words

Words have a power and energy created in the very saying and writing and even thinking of them.
Words are strong. They are there to express a thought or a feeling.

That is why the words we use in conversation and in our head should be considered with care, spoken with care and written with care.

Mindfulness says that thoughts and feelings that are unkind to our BEing should not be pushed away, but recognised for what they are and then allowed drift away in their own time.

They are just simple thoughts and attached feelings that will pass and they have no magical power over us. We are in control of them.

This is a basic mindfulness practice.

On my journey towards mindfulness, I realised that the practice of doing this will be easier when the words in our head remain gentle.

So – for example. . . I accept what I am thinking and feeling . I won’t deny it or reject it. I accept it for what it is and when it has passed through my consciousness it will be gone.

It won’t exist anymore.

Just like yesterday, it will enter my past.

I will then move from today to tomorrow, remaining aware of what I feel and the words I apply to those thoughts and feelings.

I will attach kind words to my day and be grateful when tomorrow comes .

I will be grateful for the small things.

I will be grateful for the Sun tomorrow morning .


It can be all too easy to take each day and how we live it and what we see and enjoy for granted … Almost expecting them to be.

By choosing the language we live by carefully, we will move from expecting to accepting.

(Expecting – the word itself is heavy with obligation and necessity and that alone casts a shadow on a day that acceptance will not. )

Accept today with gratitude and thanks and today will feel gentler and softer and kinder and warmer.

We expect the sun to rise each day, even if it’s behind clouds. It’s a gift of nature.

Be kind with your words – be kind to yourself and accept each day with gratitude.


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….. is one of my favourite numbers.

I think this is the day in March when spring is supposed to have sprung! ( the jury’s out on that this year. )

At 11.02 GMT on Wednesday this week, the sun crossed the equator.

For the next 6 month, the days will be longer than the nights in the northern hemisphere.

Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox

Regardless of weather conditions and late blooming daffodils, I thought I would mark this time with a poem that I wrote as the earth was tilting towards winter last October.

A breakout day, slung low over a ridge choked with

clouds of chalk grey.

Light bulging up towards the eye of a storm.

Talons twitching – two kestrels wing south

on the whiff of a field mouse.

Still now, they swoop.


As the start of spring heralds a new phase in the natural world, I jotted down a few signpost ‘reminders’ for me as we enter it.


1.) Stay active in body and mind.

2.) Continue to write for the love of writing.

3.) Live always by BEing me first.

4.) Seek less and live more.

5.) Ride the wave that is today and enjoy it.


You too merry bloggers.


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Creative offerings

Several weeks ago a fellow blogger and I placed a trust in each other by linking  our words and music  together with Sonorous Р(a post on Feb 23)

It was a gentle creative fit during a long cold late winter month.

Another blogger who enjoyed our collaboration suggested we do so again. We both agreed we would like that and soon afterwards I received a beautiful piece of music.

This was a piece that had been carefully taken care of by my new creative partner – for some time.

He bravely set his creation: his baby free . . .and placed him/ her trustingly into my hands. This was a privilege for me, as well as being something I had not done before.

Inspiration is a fickle thing, as we writers know and can sometimes go into hiding, so I cautioned that it may be days or weeks for me to find the voice the music so deserved.

I listened to the piece several times over a few days and started to sense how it made me feel. It is soft, peaceful and yet joyous too. I thought of small children and their glorious innocence that create smiles all around.

I recollected the first moments after the birth of my first born and it’s life changing energy.

And then- on a very long, hectic day that was choca bloc with activities, I was in a cafe for a sit down and a break and the words all flowed: and I was able to add another layer to the piece of art.

Here is the result of a creative collaboration on wordpress.


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Reconnection comes full circle.

Full circle connectedness keeps you right here in the 'now'

Full circle connectedness keeps you right here in the ‘now’

I have some pictures I would like to post, but as I am not at home I first need to buy some kind of connection I am told, to get them from my camera and onto my iPad.
In the absence of pics, I am thinking about that word connection anyway and how important it is to humans. The desire to connect and be a part of something and the need to do so too.
That is what we are all doing here after all. We are connecting. We are connecting with words in many guises, in photographs that are wonderfully diverse and in art that is inspiring. ( I mention these 3 forms of connection in particular as they inspire me and are where I am most seeking connectedness on wordpress)
Each time we log in we are reconnecting with all of those things and over time a sense of what that connected-ness means to us grows. For me exploration is very much a part of my wordpress journey too. I am exploring what it is I enjoy reading and looking at and why that is. I am also discovering what thread pulls me towards the things I write and share and why that is.
It is fun. It is stimulating. It is enjoyable. It is connecting in a way that nourishes me on a daily basis.
This post was prompted by another that I read this morning
The post about friendship and what it means got me thinking about my friendships  and their value in my life and instantly I realised that in the space of a few days I had reconnected with many friends that I had not seen in some time.
I know they are important because when I see them again, whether the space since I last saw them is weeks months or years: it is like meeting an old friend and making a new one. Now that is special and warming and quite simply wonderful.
I am reminded how many special people I am fortunate enough  to have in my life. whether I see them regularly or not is not what is important in the long run: it is that they are in my life and my heart and that when we are able to reconnect we do and the energy charge that it gives me is priceless.
What I now realise too is that by enjoying every minute or hour we do have to share: I am living in the moment when I do so. I know this because I love being in that space and spending that time.
Connection, reconnection, friendships and living in the moment- I have come full circle in my understanding of the value of each and their glorious connectedness.


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Travelling light

I am writing these words in my ever present notebook from the departure terminal at Heathrow. ( later…as in right now! …to be transcribed onto a blog post)

I am sitting in a cafe simply BEing. I am not stressing about the airport experience or the looming night flight to come. I used to.

There was a time when the prospect of a long flight sandwiched between 2 airport encounters would make me deeply anxious. I came to realise that this was due to my perception of the experience to come-

– I saw a block of time, with an excessive amount of stranger interaction, condensed into it……..stressville! ¬† ¬†Taxi guy, check in lady, boarding pass, scan this, shoes off,….coffee shop…bookshop…..and that’s all before you have even stepped on the plane.

In the latest 18 months I have shifted my thought process away from others and instead channelled my energy into myself. This too is a form of BEing with me. Staying in the moment and as a result not getting anxious.

I travel light and I travel with trusty companions: notepad, pen, book, kindle now too…iPod …. oh yes and my passport!

What I didn’t realise until this trip was that it was bigger even than that….bigger then BEing with me: it meant I had overcome a fear of travelling and straying too far from my comfort zone.

In embracing time with me (even in an airport lounge) I had chased away anxiety, dread and excessive fatigue.

It’s a mindset. It’s BEing in the moment. It’s a re channelling of energy back to It’s source – back to me.

It’s about learning a bit more about yourself: even in an airport terminal.


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