Red Rye

This weekend was my first trip away from home with my new camera, with the prospect of two whole days of picture taking and exploring a part of the coastline that was new to me.

I kept my camera close at hand and played the diligent picture taking tourist, as we wandered and took frequent pit-stops for refreshments!

I fumbled with gloves (absolutely obligatory in the biting cold) and snapped the ever present seagulls, pretty streets and salty marshes.


What I realised when I was home and had downloaded them all was an affinity with red….so Β here




on my blog


is my collage


unedited (dont know how)


un photshopped (definitely dont know how)


and a few extra words in the form of a haiku

The colour of a

moment in time, I captured

whilst I walked and saw.



Filed under At peace, colour, Haiku, Living in the moment, photographs

11 responses to “Red Rye

  1. I like this a lot.. very nice.

  2. Sweet Haiku, Rye is one of my favourite shingle bank walks, it’s some day so clear you can see the coast of France.Anyway I liked the photos and how they lend themselves to a theme of red-ness.

  3. Learning on the job! And doing ok I think. son finds it amusing seeing me watch you tube videos to grasp the basic skills. Now it’s trail and error…fun

  4. mj

    Lovely haiku…. and lovely pictures (red… yes, love that theme). Have more fun with seagulls and shingles… look forward! πŸ™‚

  5. Red was meant to be. Love the grace emerging from your approach. Good stuff. Dan

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