Reconnection comes full circle.

Full circle connectedness keeps you right here in the 'now'

Full circle connectedness keeps you right here in the ‘now’

I have some pictures I would like to post, but as I am not at home I first need to buy some kind of connection I am told, to get them from my camera and onto my iPad.
In the absence of pics, I am thinking about that word connection anyway and how important it is to humans. The desire to connect and be a part of something and the need to do so too.
That is what we are all doing here after all. We are connecting. We are connecting with words in many guises, in photographs that are wonderfully diverse and in art that is inspiring. ( I mention these 3 forms of connection in particular as they inspire me and are where I am most seeking connectedness on wordpress)
Each time we log in we are reconnecting with all of those things and over time a sense of what that connected-ness means to us grows. For me exploration is very much a part of my wordpress journey too. I am exploring what it is I enjoy reading and looking at and why that is. I am also discovering what thread pulls me towards the things I write and share and why that is.
It is fun. It is stimulating. It is enjoyable. It is connecting in a way that nourishes me on a daily basis.
This post was prompted by another that I read this morning
The post about friendship and what it means got me thinking about my friendships  and their value in my life and instantly I realised that in the space of a few days I had reconnected with many friends that I had not seen in some time.
I know they are important because when I see them again, whether the space since I last saw them is weeks months or years: it is like meeting an old friend and making a new one. Now that is special and warming and quite simply wonderful.
I am reminded how many special people I am fortunate enough  to have in my life. whether I see them regularly or not is not what is important in the long run: it is that they are in my life and my heart and that when we are able to reconnect we do and the energy charge that it gives me is priceless.
What I now realise too is that by enjoying every minute or hour we do have to share: I am living in the moment when I do so. I know this because I love being in that space and spending that time.
Connection, reconnection, friendships and living in the moment- I have come full circle in my understanding of the value of each and their glorious connectedness.


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12 responses to “Reconnection comes full circle.

  1. There is great wisdom and beauty in your introspection. I’m glad you shared.

  2. *smiles* … I see you were able to get a photo up. The circle, the hub, the spokes. A good visual and metaphor for being connected.

    It is good that you are reconnecting with others … and also knowing that if you are not at the moment, that the connection is still there in your heart. Tis a lovely post.

  3. Thank you Katie and thank your too for inspiring it.

  4. Absolutley… it’s a wonderful thing, this connection we can make through the medium of art, poetry and conversation. You’re rights It’s full circle through ourselves and out onwards toward others who we would have never have otherwise met… have a great day!

  5. this one has me thinking, it’s beautifully light and deep at the same time, love the image … which could represent so many things …hmmm, is that inspiration ?
    Watch this space 🙂

  6. I took the shot on Chesil beach last summer. I simply found it there and only today did it find the place it belongs . . . at the centre of this post…..

  7. This post was a wonderful journey.
    Thank you.

  8. Nice reflection. I am amazed at what I have learned through reading other’s blogs and how easily we can make connections based on interests.It’s wonderful to discover others who “live in the moment”.

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