Creative offerings

Several weeks ago a fellow blogger and I placed a trust in each other by linking  our words and music  together with Sonorous – (a post on Feb 23)

It was a gentle creative fit during a long cold late winter month.

Another blogger who enjoyed our collaboration suggested we do so again. We both agreed we would like that and soon afterwards I received a beautiful piece of music.

This was a piece that had been carefully taken care of by my new creative partner – for some time.

He bravely set his creation: his baby free . . .and placed him/ her trustingly into my hands. This was a privilege for me, as well as being something I had not done before.

Inspiration is a fickle thing, as we writers know and can sometimes go into hiding, so I cautioned that it may be days or weeks for me to find the voice the music so deserved.

I listened to the piece several times over a few days and started to sense how it made me feel. It is soft, peaceful and yet joyous too. I thought of small children and their glorious innocence that create smiles all around.

I recollected the first moments after the birth of my first born and it’s life changing energy.

And then- on a very long, hectic day that was choca bloc with activities, I was in a cafe for a sit down and a break and the words all flowed: and I was able to add another layer to the piece of art.

Here is the result of a creative collaboration on wordpress.



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10 responses to “Creative offerings

  1. Thank you so much, Andrea. I am so grateful to you for bringing forth all your experience of motherhood, your sensuality, your love of nature and song to nurture this, our first ‘project’. Hope there may be many more…
    Thank you again

  2. cool lyrics. i like. can imagine it as u use words to describe it. thank you.

  3. would have been cool to have those words sung over the music…

  4. You make beautiful music together!

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