….. is one of my favourite numbers.

I think this is the day in March when spring is supposed to have sprung! ( the jury’s out on that this year. )

At 11.02 GMT on Wednesday this week, the sun crossed the equator.

For the next 6 month, the days will be longer than the nights in the northern hemisphere.

Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox

Regardless of weather conditions and late blooming daffodils, I thought I would mark this time with a poem that I wrote as the earth was tilting towards winter last October.

A breakout day, slung low over a ridge choked with

clouds of chalk grey.

Light bulging up towards the eye of a storm.

Talons twitching – two kestrels wing south

on the whiff of a field mouse.

Still now, they swoop.


As the start of spring heralds a new phase in the natural world, I jotted down a few signpost ‘reminders’ for me as we enter it.


1.) Stay active in body and mind.

2.) Continue to write for the love of writing.

3.) Live always by BEing me first.

4.) Seek less and live more.

5.) Ride the wave that is today and enjoy it.


You too merry bloggers.



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21 responses to “21

  1. Here in Newfoundland/Labrador spring is on hold until we can get the snow to stop falling :>)

  2. Totally agree with ride the wave that is today and enjoy it! Loved this! Have a great weekend. Hugs Paula xx

  3. You have a great weekend too Paula.

  4. I do like the poem…the images are vivid and the last 3 lines are very strong.

  5. Beautiful poem and great tips! Happy Spring officially! 🙂

  6. vishalbheeroo

    Amazing post and great advice..writing is a passion and that’s what makes us going from stength to strength. Valuable lesson.

  7. Good reminders, one and all. Thank you for this 🙂

  8. I first thought…ohhh…I like #1…then it was, nooo…#2 is better….no wait….then I was at #5 *smiles*

  9. Beautiful reminder about the shift in energy and light at this time of year…and a lovely poem 🙂

  10. Best reminders ever!
    Thank you.

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