Gentle words

Words have a power and energy created in the very saying and writing and even thinking of them.
Words are strong. They are there to express a thought or a feeling.

That is why the words we use in conversation and in our head should be considered with care, spoken with care and written with care.

Mindfulness says that thoughts and feelings that are unkind to our BEing should not be pushed away, but recognised for what they are and then allowed drift away in their own time.

They are just simple thoughts and attached feelings that will pass and they have no magical power over us. We are in control of them.

This is a basic mindfulness practice.

On my journey towards mindfulness, I realised that the practice of doing this will be easier when the words in our head remain gentle.

So – for example. . . I accept what I am thinking and feeling . I won’t deny it or reject it. I accept it for what it is and when it has passed through my consciousness it will be gone.

It won’t exist anymore.

Just like yesterday, it will enter my past.

I will then move from today to tomorrow, remaining aware of what I feel and the words I apply to those thoughts and feelings.

I will attach kind words to my day and be grateful when tomorrow comes .

I will be grateful for the small things.

I will be grateful for the Sun tomorrow morning .


It can be all too easy to take each day and how we live it and what we see and enjoy for granted … Almost expecting them to be.

By choosing the language we live by carefully, we will move from expecting to accepting.

(Expecting – the word itself is heavy with obligation and necessity and that alone casts a shadow on a day that acceptance will not. )

Accept today with gratitude and thanks and today will feel gentler and softer and kinder and warmer.

We expect the sun to rise each day, even if it’s behind clouds. It’s a gift of nature.

Be kind with your words – be kind to yourself and accept each day with gratitude.



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30 responses to “Gentle words

  1. Thank you for such beautiful meaningful words. hugs Paula xxxx

  2. I imagine most of us have used strong and not so gentle words and regretted doing so. The same thing can usually be conveyed by changing the tone.
    Yet I am grateful for those in history who have spoken up with firmness and anger too. Those who have been brave enough to speak harshly when others are too meek.

    I don’t think you intended anything different. Your words just made me think. šŸ™‚

  3. Gratitude does seem to be the key

  4. These truly are wise words. I try to keep in mind the old saying “Expect nothing and you’ll never be disappointed”. So true.

  5. There is a gentleness in the way you put the words together šŸ™‚ I always am marking in the margins of student papers, listen to your flow. you flow – the conveyance goes beyond literal words to (dare I say) energetic intention. YOu help me to see we walk this mindful journey in synch with many others. Thank you.

  6. Acceptance and kindness…two beautiful and wise words šŸ™‚

  7. You are absolutely right! What a wonder, reminder post! šŸ˜€

  8. A wonderful reminder Andrea, at the basis of all our healing is increasing self-awareness and compassion to others. This asks us to be gentle with ourselves and others and to surrender our different images of perfection as deluded measures of the world, and to see it with honesty and love.

    • My posts so often I realise are reminders to self, which help me and I am so glad others benefit from them too. It adds another dimension to the words reward and blogging.

  9. Amy

    Well said. Beautiful post!

  10. poppytump

    I have been lulled at the end of the day by your gentle words ……

  11. Thankyou for replying. God Bless you.

    On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 11:50 AM, wisejourney

  12. So very true and beautifully expressed. Indeed words are powerful and with mindfulness we can help those words to be powerful for the good. Really enjoyed this timely reminder and will be present with this today – choosing my words lovingly and using them gently. Thank you! (and thanks for the follow:-)

  13. A most reflective and thought-provoking post …

  14. To be kind with your words, to be kind to yourself Gentle words – I loved.

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