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It was a cold, wet, lusciously green, beautiful weekend: filled with friends and laughter and rain.

I would like to share a little of it with you.




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with good grace . . .

I start to write this entry.

I had noticed over the last 10 days or so a certain word popping up in many of the posts I was reading, in one way or another.

I was surprised and intrigued and commented on it’s occurrence to fellow bloggers.

It wasn’t until the middle of last night that I ‘got it’ and knew then, why for a few weeks I had been missing a beat….as it were. I had been feeling unsettled. Having builders in my space was part if it I knew, but I sensed there was something more. There was.

The magic word was connection . . . connectedness.

There is was. I realised in my state of heightened lucidity (as is often the case when I am awake through the night) that I had moved away from my centre and lost an important connection with ME.

Maintaining a connectedness with me keeps my anxieties and fears in check.

Without me at the centre, I lose emotional balance and I know that is not good for me.

Connectedness with me gives me the confidence to do, and BE and learn and grow.

 I know why I was wakeful in the night. I had something to learn from listening to me and connecting with others.

Thank you fellow bloggers for connecting with me, through your words, your pictures, your honesty and your good grace.





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This is me . . .

I am sitting in the sunshine of a local cafe that is more often than not bustling with people. Simply lots of people and the buzz of daily living.

Perhaps the local coffee shop has become the garden fence of old – a place where we can go to ponder a little.
I am pondering and I am replenishing my soul a wee bit and enjoying a mighty fine latte in a bowl!

I came here today because I could feel my energy being a bit little flattened in my home. Not enough for me to be concerned that it is any more than the daily presence of builders. I find it unsettling when my space is not really my space, so I came to the cafe to create a small corner of ‘my space’ for the hour I sit here: sipping, looking, listening, reading and writing.
I have developed over many years of taking good care of ‘me’, what I think of as a strongly tuned sense of self in every way.
I know when something changes.
I consider the changes around me physically and emotionally and work out why I feel different.
This understanding allows me to manage myself and my space so that the negative impact of any situation is managed.
So today, when I woke feeling a notch down on yesterday, I took the small step of leaving the house for an hour, knowing that when I returned I would feel able to tackle to jobs I have at hand, without resenting the necessity of doing them.
This is me caring for me and about me each morning when I wake.
This is me recognising that I am important every day.
This is me recognising that every day there are joys.
This is me sharing my words with you and in so doing sharing a little of me.
This is me living in the moment.


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Come walk with me



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After the rain

I am happy to feature once more on


with my 75 words inspired by torrential showers and even a hailstone storm last Friday.


Some pictures I took  when I looked close and saw the incredible beauty that is the water that falls from the heavens.


Wishing everyone a fabulous week as I continue to sweep away builders dust from my new kitchen in the making.



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April showers

As I sit in bed listening to the rain outside my window, I am thinking of things I would like to do. Small things – little things that take moments, but important things to me.

Here is my list.

.. Buy camomile tea bags: the ones made of mesh with real camomile flowers inside.

.. Plant wildflower seeds in the bed outside my kitchen window.

.. Paint the walls in the garden, below the fence, bright white.

.. Put the lounger out and make the most of every drop of sunshine.

.. Frame the small etchings I bought from the artist in Dungerness: the one who sold his creations from a shed carefully displaying each piece. The man with a story to tell, who used the money I gave him to fill up the tank on his motor bike.

.. Walk around some of your favourite streets in London and take photographs of the magnolia in all their glory.

.. Take a walk through a carpet of bluebells in a wood or across a common.

.. Pack away my winter woollies and neatly fold t shirts in their place.

.. Buy raw honey to have in my first drink of the  day – hot water with lemon and honey.

I find myself no longer thinking about what living in the moment means.

I am living in the moment.

I am BEing me . . . BEing me, BEing content.

Mindfulness is not rocket science. It is waking each day and listening to the rain outside your window.

I wonder what’s on your list. . . .  Lots of little but important things I hope.



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I look into the sky as the day begins to fade.
I see a dragon.
My dragon is elegant: long and slim with a bony, squat tail and an open jaw.
My dragon is not at all ferocious, but he wants to give the impression that he might be.
He moves with grace, imprinted in the dusky sky.

I close my eyes for a moment. When I open them again, still there are no clouds, only my dragon.
As his firm body softens, he turns his head away and fades a little.
He glows peachy. I see him so clearly in the half light. The softest rosy red now.

We look . . . and we see the world with our own eyes.
With an open mind and an open heart, every vision and experience will be richer and more rewarding.

I look down in my notebook to write these words and when I lift my head to gaze at him again: my dragon is gone.

I will miss my dragon, but who knows . Maybe tomorrow I will discover a unicorn.


April 7, 2013 · 4:31 am