of sand and fire

imageimageimageimageimageimageA desert song, made still

in creeping light at dusk.
A sea of rippled skin, flapping
in the breeze.
Laced with unexpected purples, lemon and gold:
it stretches and yawns.
Moon-ball shrinks, then drops,
as searing orange turns to stars.
A small translucent  pincer edges towards
the flame, with a sting in its tail.




Filed under At peace

19 responses to “of sand and fire

  1. Beautiful! hugs Paula xx

  2. mj

    Beautiful…. searing orange turns to stars…

  3. Radiant, like a desert flower dwells in the seering heat and freezing night; it lives on irrepressible.

  4. Andrea, the poetry and photographs are a lovely combination. They each work on their own merit…together they make an exquisite package.


  5. poppytump

    what a lovely lead in trail with your pictures and words …. lovely .

  6. I’m sure I’ve ben there.

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