Soak it in

I have taken the liberty of re-blogging the most divine photos from this blog….of a treasured garden in the north of England – close to my roots.
It is a space that is fighting to shrug off winter and welcome spring in all its glory.
I would like you to soak it all in too.


Gwirrel's Garden

I’m trying very hard not to sound like a broken record; so perhaps I’ll just stick to the facts…

The garden seems to be in a state of torpor; Snowdrops are still blooming and have survived the recent snow where the crocuses have not. Many of the Tommies are pretty piles of purple mush.

Most disappointed.

On Sunday much of the snow finally melted, with the very back of the back garden and the entire front still under snow/ice. So, sadly there are no photos of Hellebores, Primulas, Anemones, Pulmonaria and whatever else. I’m not sure if this is showing a true picture of the current state of the garden or not. After all, the blooms are there; they’re just currently hidden/mush.

The few Kerria buds that were open have been burnt in the cold, but there are plenty more buds bursting forth too so perhaps another few days and…

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2 responses to “Soak it in

  1. mj

    Your facts speak of your love for flowers, gardens, color… things of beauty. Nice!

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