April showers

As I sit in bed listening to the rain outside my window, I am thinking of things I would like to do. Small things – little things that take moments, but important things to me.

Here is my list.

.. Buy camomile tea bags: the ones made of mesh with real camomile flowers inside.

.. Plant wildflower seeds in the bed outside my kitchen window.

.. Paint the walls in the garden, below the fence, bright white.

.. Put the lounger out and make the most of every drop of sunshine.

.. Frame the small etchings I bought from the artist in Dungerness: the one who sold his creations from a shed carefully displaying each piece. The man with a story to tell, who used the money I gave him to fill up the tank on his motor bike.

.. Walk around some of your favourite streets in London and take photographs of the magnolia in all their glory.

.. Take a walk through a carpet of bluebells in a wood or across a common.

.. Pack away my winter woollies and neatly fold t shirts in their place.

.. Buy raw honey to have in my first drink of the  day – hot water with lemon and honey.

I find myself no longer thinking about what living in the moment means.

I am living in the moment.

I am BEing me . . . BEing me, BEing content.

Mindfulness is not rocket science. It is waking each day and listening to the rain outside your window.

I wonder what’s on your list. . . .  Lots of little but important things I hope.




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20 responses to “April showers

  1. Love mirroring the rainy morning listen from a bit away – sublime listing and art!

  2. Lovely catching up with you this morning!

  3. My list today includes: share a good book with friends, chat over coffee and long distances with my sister, have lunch with a friend at a new lunch spot, have an espresso in the garden and figure out a good location for a big rose with bold magenta blooms… 🙂

    Yep, not rocket science, although I suppose even rocket science is enhanced by mindfulness. 🙂

  4. inspiring post! I can’t do these but I’m happy I can read you !

  5. The man in the coastal shed sounds like he is an contented artist… How did you chance upon him?

  6. Just popped into his den for a chat and turned out …as you say…to be most contented indeed. He’s certainly got something right there.

  7. mj

    BEing in the moment, you have taught me to do that. 🙂 And wouldn’t you like to smell the roses too?

  8. Absolutely. Cant wait for the roses. The wonderful thing is that after so much rain followed by some sun for the first time in ages…over the weekend my cherry blossom has gone from the tight bud (see next post April 15) to small green leaves…wonderful.

  9. But what a wonderful list! I love the thought of walking through bluebells in the woods and getting raw honey to buying chamomile tea bags. A quiet peace descends on me even in the reading of these words. Thank you for giving me this beautiful moment, right now. Sharon

  10. This is a fantastically beautiful post. I love the idea of living in each moment and of allowing myself to revel in the importance of little things. So often, it’s those little things that make the most difference in life. I struggle quite a lot with these things in my own life, and I think it is beautiful and brave that you are able to live the way you do.

    Thanks, also, for stopping by my blog, and for the “like” on my “About” page and my recent post. And, especially, thank you for deciding to follow my blog. I appreciate your visit to my site, and your vote of confidence. I am happy you enjoyed reading my posts.

    I am looking forward to more adventures in your lovely blog. Your writing is wonderful; I feel it draws me right in.

    • I am so happy that you enjoyed this post. There are a few from past months you might like to check in on when you would like some mindfulness reminders.

      Living in the moment takes a little particle before it feels more natural and sub conscious …..stick with it. It is worth it I promise. Andrea

  11. Nicely written. (popped over from Hook’s)
    Scurrying around before the cold front arrives – running the dog so she’ll be happy inside for a bit – then will sit down and enjoy the storm and rain
    Love that spring show.

  12. Beautifully written! It took a few sad events in my life to teach me how to live in the moment again but I am so grateful that I can.
    On my list……feed the squirrels in my backyard, go for a hike to appreciate signs of spring, hug my son again, bake some long awaited cookies for my husband, donate some things that are just taking up space…and just feel the sun on my face. Slowing down to look, touch, listen and feel instead of constantly thinking, helps me to live in the moment.

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