After the rain

I am happy to feature once more on


with my 75 words inspired by torrential showers and even a hailstone storm last Friday.


Some pictures I took  when I looked close and saw the incredible beauty that is the water that falls from the heavens.


Wishing everyone a fabulous week as I continue to sweep away builders dust from my new kitchen in the making.




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24 responses to “After the rain

  1. I like the look of your post and the up-closeness of your photos, and thanks for the introduction to Paragraph Planet. Congrats on getting your work featured there 🙂

  2. Sweet photos – yes rain is soooo beautiful. Ditto – congratulations and thanks for the intro to paragraph planet, an interesting site at first glance. Will give it more time later. Be well and enjoy your new kitchen…when it’s made:-)

  3. Beautiful photos! Good luck with your kitchen, I hope it will be all that you hoped for. 🙂

  4. The makro shot of the moss really stands out. Hope you also get a fabulous week.

  5. Such a sweet cleansing……….I love these pictures. I can almost smell the rain. ~ Love, Bobbie

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  7. poppytump

    love the sticky red buds in close up …

  8. gorgeous refreshing emotional embrace !

  9. Hi Andrea, great close ups… zoom lens brings out some amazing details.

  10. That second shot is extremely cool!

  11. What a lovely and refreshing post, I just love the macro shot of the rain drops on moss 🙂

  12. The end of the paragraph on the planet was such a shock….but of course and May is behaving just like February this year! Like the moss pic too.

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