Come walk with me




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27 responses to “Come walk with me

  1. Thanks for a very beautiful, colorful walk:-)

  2. so pretty – I love these photos – I love love blossoms!

  3. mj

    Oh, beautiful, beautiful…. please take us on more walkssuch as this!

  4. I think I have a lot of those same beautiful trees/bushes in my yard. My cherry tree looked fantastic yesterday, unfortunately they only last a week or so around here. 😀

  5. Such beautiful magnolias, and is that a camellia? So lovely.

  6. you’ve taken me by the hand to heaven ! Bless you !

  7. Oh thank you for this beautiful blossom filled walk, it fills me with yearning for more blossom up here in Edinburgh…

  8. eclecticpills

    Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your part of this beautiful world.

  9. gorgeous walk, thank you for the invitation 🙂
    groetjes, Francina

  10. Hi “Wisejourney”–thanks for introducing yourself by following our site. I’ve enjoyed the walk through yours. Cheers!

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