with good grace . . .

I start to write this entry.

I had noticed over the last 10 days or so a certain word popping up in many of the posts I was reading, in one way or another.

I was surprised and intrigued and commented on it’s occurrence to fellow bloggers.

It wasn’t until the middle of last night that I ‘got it’ and knew then, why for a few weeks I had been missing a beat….as it were. I had been feeling unsettled. Having builders in my space was part if it I knew, but I sensed there was something more. There was.

The magic word was connection . . . connectedness.

There is was. I realised in my state of heightened lucidity (as is often the case when I am awake through the night) that I had moved away from my centre and lost an important connection with ME.

Maintaining a connectedness with me keeps my anxieties and fears in check.

Without me at the centre, I lose emotional balance and I know that is not good for me.

Connectedness with me gives me the confidence to do, and BE and learn and grow.

 I know why I was wakeful in the night. I had something to learn from listening to me and connecting with others.

Thank you fellow bloggers for connecting with me, through your words, your pictures, your honesty and your good grace.






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37 responses to “with good grace . . .

  1. Thank you too
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  2. That’s a wonderful insight! So glad you found YOUR connection!!

  3. How beautiful. Hugs Paula. Xx

  4. poppytump

    *connecting* is just a wonderful feeling that I seem to be finding more and more too .
    I know what you exactly what you mean …. lovely thoughts x

  5. Hope the builders are nearly through with the renovations, be well be happy,

  6. Thank you for being so worthy of our time!

  7. It really has seemed to be a Time of Connecting lately. In the words of fellow writers, friends and even things I stumble across. The connection in all things has been speaking to my heart as well.
    Great post on self realization! Knowing and connecting to ourselves is so important!

  8. I so enjoyed this post…thank you. Every bit of it!

  9. dem bones — all connected at one end or the other. Value how you show yours. Brings a quiet grin as I get to know your work. Nice. Dan

  10. There are so many ways today besides the personal: we now have excellent transportation and unbelieveably powerful comm. tech. Still…so many of our younger folk feel so alone when they need friends and support the most.

  11. your gentle words really resonate in me wisejourney, especially this line.

    Maintaining a connectedness with me keeps my anxieties and fears in check.

    it parallels my feelings as well and the ‘hum’ i strive to maintain perfectly.
    i hope all this upset ends soon for you and keep the::::light::::

  12. wisdom is a sweet morsel !

  13. It’s a great insight to come across, one we need more people to experience. Coming to realize that everything we do is interconnected, that every one of our actions has a series of repercussions, would leave us all in a better place.

  14. Connecting with ourselves is so vital and yet like you, I sometimes drift away, lured by the worlds others inhabit.

  15. And thank you! For me “connectedness with me” mean to be true to yourself, to stay connected with what you believe is right and what is meaningful.

  16. A beautiful blossom too.

  17. Connections – yes – it comes up a lot for me too here. & I think I’ve met some of the most wonderful people ever here at WordPress. Beautiful post wise journey… ~ xRL

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